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Induction Lighting Retrofit Kits

The commercial electrical contractor’s source for outdoor induction lamps, fixtures, and retrofit kits. Compare and buy exterior induction tubes, surface mount induction fixtures, induction pole lights and more for your commercial lighting project or retrofit.

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Induction lamp and ballast retrofit kits are a perfect way to cost-effectively retrofit your existing metal halide HID or high pressure sodium HPS indoor or outdoor light fixtures. Induction lighting is a 100 year old proven technology that is rated to last over 50,000+ hours while saving over 50% energy compared with the existing outdated technologies. Not only will you significantly lower your electric bill, but the light quality is much higher and similar to daylight, providing for a cleaner and brighter looking area. Additionally, you will eliminate maintenance expenses due to these bulbs lasting 15-20 years with minimal light output depreciation. Different variations of the kits include self-ballasted versions along with circular, saturn style, and tubular / rectangular lamp shapes. All kits include instant start lamps with ballasts and a 5 year warranty!  When figuring out the wattage you might enjoy for induction - Divide your existing HID/HPS lamp fixture wattage by 2 and it will give you the equivalent induction lamp wattage.

Standard features include: 40W induction lamp and ballast, 120V to 277V or 347V, 480V using a lighting transformer, circular or tubular lamp shape, over 50,000+ hour lamp life, >80 lumens per watt, >.98 power factor, no flickering, instant start, 5000K daylight color temperature, 5-year warranty.  Retrofit kit applications include: Existing HID/HPS wall packs, pole light shoebox fixtures, cobra head fixtures, canopy lights, garage and gas station light fixtures, flood and landscape fixtures, and many others.

Induction lighting retrofit kits bring outdoor commercial applications both lamp life and energy savings even in extreme environments. Delivering lots of clean, bright light, these induction fixture retrofit kits are used as replacements for metal halide high-intensity discharge fixtures and low-pressure sodium lamps. The result is a huge boost in energy savings, and an ultra-low-maintenance install that can last up to 20 years.

The efficiency (lumens per Watt) offered by induction lighting is far superior to fluorescent lighting, and, depending on the technology used, offers similar or superior efficiency compared to LED lighting. The high efficiency of these induction lamps translates into a low total cost of ownership for the installation.
And because induction lamps aren't significantly affected by ambient temperature, they are a highly reliable option for outdoor installations and commercial exterior applications.

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