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Based in Chino Hills, CA, PacLights offers a variety of LED lamps that are energy efficient, eco-friendly, and use the latest LED technology to last for a very long time.

For example, PacLights' Extreme500 LED lamps can help you save more than 60% in energy usage when used to replace traditional light bulbs. For use in gymnasium, street, warehouse and public area lighting applications, the lamp is designed to mimic natural sunlight. The 100 watt lamp is available in two lumen/color configurations -- 8,450 lumens at warm white 3000K and 8,650 lumens at daylight 5000K -- with a CRI of at least 80, and is rated to last 35,000 hours.

The Ultra Series of performance LED lamps come in a variety of wattages, luminosities and color temperatures, giving you flexibility in finding the right lamp for your project. With a long light life of 30,000 hours and 210° beam angle, the Ultra Series lamps are perfect for hallways, lobbies, workshops, shopping malls, public areas, and churches. They also offer an active cooling system and instant start-up.

And the PacLights Omni 100 omnidirectional dimmable LED lamps can save users up to 80% in energy usage when used to replace traditional light bulbs of up to 100 watts. The lamp beam light in a 300˚ spread and is dimmable from 10-100%. The 17 watt Omni 100 comes in two color/lumen sets -- 1,600 lumens at warm white 3000K and 1,700 lumens at daylight 5700K -- and it is rated to last up to 25,000 hours.

Additionally, PacLights also offers the Ultimate 120 LED retrofit kit for upgrading metal halide fixtures up to 400 watts in street, warehouse and public area applications. The retrofit kit is designed to fit most commercial fixtures and emits 11,400 lumens of bright 5700K color light for more than 54,000 hours.