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Neptun Light Induction Gas Station Fixtures

Neptun Light Induction Gas Station Fixtures,/h2>

We are your Neptun Light authorized distributor for induction gas station fixtures. Choose from a variety of options, including Square Induction Canopy, Cone Induction Canopy, Induction Recessed Canopy, and Induction Freezer/Gas Station fixtures. Select the sub-category below for the type you need or search above for the specific part number.

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About Neptun Light Induction Gas Station Fixtures
Give new life to lighting systems in gas stations, canopies, parking garages and other applications with Neptun Light's portfolio of induction gas station fixtures.

Both the 12 Series of 12-inch Square Induction Canopy fixtures and 13 Series of 15-inch Cone Induction Canopy fixtures can be used in new installations or to replace existing HID and HPS canopy and parking garage fixtures up to 250 watts. Both fixture types are available in four wattage and luminosity configurations, with the greatest emitting 9,600 lumens of light while only using 120 watts of power. And the 14 Series Induction Gas Station fixture is designed to be used in not just gas stations, canopies and storage areas, but freezers as well.

And both the 22 Series of Induction Recessed Canopy fixtures and 23 Series of 23-inch Induction Freezer/Gas Station fixtures can be used to replace HID and HPS fixtures up to 400 watts. The 22 Series is available in five different wattage/lumen formats, with the greatest illuminating with 16,000 lumens at 200 watts. And the 23 Series offers six configurations with the largest emitting 20,000 lumens while using 250 watts of power.

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