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Since 2005, Illumitex has been a game-changer in the LED industry. Based in Austin, TX, the company was founded by veterans of the semiconductor and optics industries who wanted to try a new approach to LED lighting design. Their efforts resulted in their own patented LED bulbs, as well as leading architectural, horticultural, and industrial LED lighting fixtures.

In the architectural arena, Illumitex offers products ranging from the Verona family of LED wall sconces for adding a clean, modern look to interior and exterior hallways, stairwells and entryways, to the Corona CX linear LED floodlights for wall washing, wall grazing, and sign lighting. The ProFlex series of LED architectural floodlights offer superior illumination for parking lots, signage, building facades and statues, while the Versa series of LED accent lighting fixtures are all about showcasing decorative features like columns and ornamental trees.

In regards to horticultural LED lights, Illumitex leads the pack with options like the Quantum LED grow light that allows researchers to precisely administer the exact wavelength balance they need for their plants. The Eclipse line of LED grow lights were also made for research, and the NeoSol and Safari series of LED grow lights were constructed to give plants the exact photosynthetic light they need to grow.

And for industrial lighting, there are lots of options to choose from for use in harsh and messy environments, like the Corona CS LED task and area lighting fixtures, Cirrus LED high bays, and SP Series LED high bays. And for warehouses and manufacturing plants, consider either the Vega or Stratus series of LED high bays.