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Energy Efficient Lighting Supply for LED Contractors

Lighting Supply for LED Contractors

As an LED lighting contractor, you’re an expert in getting people the best lighting solutions they need for their project. To fit the demands of the job, you need to not only use the best quality lighting available, but also find a trusted source where you can purchase your lighting products. When you have a distributor that you can count on, it’s amazing how everything slides into place, allowing you to finish projects for clients in a timely and efficient manner. This means happier clients and a more streamlined workflow.

Many contractors have experienced tons of issues with their distributors, and the world of energy efficient LED lighting isn’t immune from that. Oftentimes, projects are held up by problems that could have been easily avoided, like lead times extended by missing products and customer service teams that are chronically unavailable, unhelpful, or both. If you’re a busy LED contractor juggling a bunch of jobs, you have no time for roundabout answers and promises that can’t be kept. You need a lighting distributor you can count on, one that will help you get your project finished efficiently and effectively.

Shine Retrofits’ goal is to change that. We aim to pair the best products with impeccable support, granting our customers a no-frills, stress-free shopping experience.

Lighting Solutions for LED Lighting Contractors

If you haven’t taken a look at the Shine Retrofits catalog, we urge you take a glance when you have a minute. We provide a comprehensive selection of all the latest in LED technology, including fixtures such as troffers and bollards, bulbs, and wiring solutions for all sorts of projects. Not only do we help you get the products you need, but we’re there every step of the way to help you with any problems that might arise.

How Shine Retrofits Meets Your LED Lighting Needs

Lighting Supply for LED Contractors

One of the things we’re proud of is the customer service team at Shine Retrofits. We know how issues can easily snowball, and are passionate about streamlining every part of the process for you, from sorting through products to making sure delivery times work for your schedule. Not only are our Account Managers LS-1 certified experts, but they’ll act as partners on your project, there to help you until every detail has been squared away.

At Shine Retrofits, we believe in LED technology. We have seen how the energy efficiency of LED technology has transformed homes and businesses, allowing people to save time and money that would usually be spent on buying new bulbs or paying for exorbitant energy bills. That is why we are so passionate about helping LED contractors get the best products for their client’s projects. We accomplish this by providing a comprehensive solution for industry professionals that want to order bulk quantities of energy efficient lighting components for any sort of project, including retrofit kits that work with virtually any lighting fixture.

If you’ve been contracted for a restoration job, whether it’s an individual home or a commercial space, we can help you get you the products you need to complete a full energy efficient remodel. We can easily cater to any of your schedule demands, and will guarantee you that lead times on our products won't hold back your project. By providing you with LED retrofit kits, we can help save the project time and money that might be spent on buying brand new fixtures that support LED technology. With the right retrofit, you can save money and make the client happy.

Another advantage to LED lighting are all the rebates available to you. Finding and processing all these rebates can be a time-consuming process for many busy contractors, which is why Shine Retrofits wants to help you through it. We can make saving money with rebates a breeze by simplifying the redeeming process, allowing you to concentrate on your project more. Our customer service is ready to help you get rewarded for prioritizing energy efficiency and working toward a more sustainable future.

contact us for more information on purchasing LED lights, fixtures, and retrofit kits. We look forward to helping you save money and address all the schedule needs of your project.

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