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Lighting Supply for Industrial Contractors

Lighting Supply for Industrial Contractors

As an industrial contractor, you have to operate at an incredibly large scale. The amount of material that any industrial project requires is enormous, requiring you to think and work in a bigger scope than most. That means any mistakes made by your distributor are magnified beyond the range of any normal project. If a homeowner orders the wrong product for his lighting retrofit, he can easily remedy that mistake. For a project that operates at such large scale, such mistakes can be a disaster, and you need your distributor to get everything right the first time.

After dealing with any number of distributors that have let you down, it’s no surprise that you might be exhausted by the whole process. When it’s time to make a change, we encourage you to check out our offerings at Shine Retrofits. We have an extensive collection of industrial LED light fixtures available for your project, and will exceed all the expectations you have for a lighting distributor.

Retrofit Lighting for Industrial Contractors

Lighting Supply for Industrial Contractors

At Shine Retrofits, we have all your industrial lighting products covered, plus a customer service team that is among the best in the business. Our LS-1 certified lighting experts are available full-time to help guide you through our extensive catalog, covering all your project needs. We can walk you through our list of products as much as you need, helping you pick out items like troffers and high bay fixtures, a wide selection of LED bulbs, and any other lighting components your project requires.

We aim to be your lighting distributor of choice in this changing industry. More and more businesses have been making the switch to LED technology, and as an industrial contractor you need to have a distributor you can rely on to get you the products you need, exactly on the day you need them.

If you’re renovating a large industrial space for energy efficiency, then we can help you get all the retrofit kits you need for the project. This applies to all sorts of heavy duty lighting, from high bay fixtures to low bay and vapor tight lighting. And don’t worry about lead times holding up your project schedule—our team will be there every step of the way to cover all the details.

Industrial Lighting Supplies from Shine Retrofits

You can trust Shine Retrofits because we’re passionate about LED technology. Having seen many business owners reap the benefits of switching to LED lights, we know just how big an impact the technology can make. For industrial lighting solutions, there’s nothing more energy efficient and longer lasting, and we’d love to help you guide companies in the process of making the change.

Shine Retrofits also wants to help you access all the rebates available to you when it comes to purchasing LED lights. If the benefits of investing in LED technology weren’t already enough, then rebates make the deal even sweeter, rewarding you for making energy efficiency and sustainability a priority. We’re excited to help you navigate all the possible rebates accessible to you, as well as process them for you when the time comes.

For more information on purchasing LED lights, fixtures, and retrofit kits, contact us today. We look forward to helping you save money by making the switch to LEDs—after all, it is the future of lighting.

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