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Energy Efficient Lighting Supply for Electrical Contractors & Electricians

Lighting Supply for Electrical Retrofitters

As a professional electrical contractor, you know how priceless finding a reputable and knowledgable distributor can be for any lighting project. For many customers and clients, buying new fixtures is a costly and time-wasting enterprise, which, in the end, equates to projects that stretch on and go way over budget. One of the problems is that finding a lighting distributor that you can trust can be exhausting, to say the least. After dealing with myriads of problems, from lead times that hold up the project, to customer service teams that just don't cut it, it's easy to get fed up with the whole thing.

Yet we don't want you to give up on lighting distributors altogether. Shine Retrofits aims to alleviate all those problems you experienced in the past and provide you with the kind of customer service experience that will make your project a success.

We know that as a professional you value efficiency and quality in your projects, and we’re here to let you know we’re on the same page. When you have a time-sensitive project that requires a wide variety of material, we've got you covered. How many times have you dealt with shipments that weren't there when you needed them the most? By paying attention to all those little details other distributors miss, we can make sure that your lighting components get to the worksite exactly when you need them.

LED Lights for Electrical Contractors & Electricians

Lighting Supply for Electrical Retrofitters

Look at the Shine Retrofits catalog. Our products include selections in the latest in LED technology. We have troffers, bollards, bulbs, and wiring solutions that will fit your needs, plus a wide variety of retrofit kits that will turn old lights into energy efficient fixtures for a modern world.

If problems come up, you can rest easy knowing that the customer service team at Shine Retrofits has your back. Our Account Managers are LS-1 certified lighting experts, and are here full-time to help you with every step of the purchasing process. When other distributors leave you up to your own devices, we step up to help your experience be as easy and stress-free as possible.

The reason we care so much is simply that we're passionate about LED technology. We honestly believe that LEDs are the future of lighting, and back up that promise by paying attention to details when it counts. Over the years, we have seen how much LED technology has saved people money, including individual homeowners and businesses with big commercial spaces. The energy savings and long life of LED bulbs are unmatched in the industry.

Upgrade Any Lighting System with Shine Retrofits

Our retrofit kits will provide you with all the resources you need to efficiently modernize any space. No matter whether the space is a single family home or a large apartment complex, we have kits that will allow you to outfit fixtures with energy efficient LED bulbs, getting your retrofit lights just right.

When you’re ready to invest in LED lighting for your next retrofit, don’t forget all the rebates you have access to. At Shine Retrofits, we think that making energy efficiency a priority is something that should be rewarded, which is why we help you find and process rebates available for LED products. Just contact our customer service team for any assistance you might need.

For more information on purchasing LED lights, fixtures, and retrofit kits, contact us today. We look forward to helping you save money and cover all the schedule needs of your project.

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