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750 Watt HID Retrofit

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All of the products listed above are popular items typically used to replace 750 watt metal halide or sodium lighting components in your existing light fixture. Most are LED as they are smaller format and pack more of a punch for the wattage used. That also means they are more efficient than induction and fluorescent.

You will notice that some LED retrofit kits contain only diodes on one side so they shine in only one direction. These are great for pole lights, wall packs, and any other fixtures where need to shine in more of a straight line. They are also ultra-efficient because you don't lose light anymore by using the old reflector in the fixture. These have the LED driver inside the unit, so you just bypass the existing existing/old ballast and wire the power or circuit directly to the socket. We do have options with external LED drivers but most of these smaller units have them internally and save space.

750W HID's are one of the most popular and prevalent wattages out there. They are used extensively throughout indoor and outdoor lighting. Most of the bases in this wattage are E39/E40 mogul base size. We do have medium E26/E27 options though if needed with these same kits. You will save over 50% energy using any one of these bulbs, with the new wattage using around 300W or less to replace a 750W HID, which uses closer to 800 watts of power with the old ballasts.

750W metal halide and high pressure sodium fixtures are very popular in high bay and warehouse lighting with between a 28-35 foot mounting height. This wattage is also used in many light poles, street, wall pack, building exterior, landscape, and higher ceiling warehouse and industrial spaces.

Popular and proven lighting retrofit kits for 750 watt metal halide, high pressure sodium, low pressure sodium, or mercury vapor fixtures. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor fixture, these typically fit inside and provide great energy savings with decreasing or eliminating maintenance costs, all while increasing light levels. LED, induction, and perhaps fluorescent technology are all included below. There are also some different Kelvin temperature options, but most applications now use 5000K-5500K, which are brighter and emit a pure daylight white color, like the color of the white on this page.

Please check the dimensions of each product to ensure fitment into your fixture. If they don't fit and you have a moderately old fixture, we have plenty of new fixture options as well if a retrofit won't work. 750W HID lamps and ballasts are not as popular as other wattages typically, but we see them in some indoor high bay warehouse or industrial type of lighting, and they can also be used in pole lights.

If none of these fit your needs, please contact us or email our sales team and we'll be happy to help you find the right kit.

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