Why You Should Switch To LED Parking Lot Lighting

Parking lot and parking garage lights are some of the biggest energy users for the public and private sectors, which makes them a prime candidate for upgrading to LED technology. Switching out your conventional High-intensity discharge (HID), metal halide (MH), or halogen lamps for energy-efficient LEDs can make a huge difference in how much your organization spends on energy, redefining your bottom line and freeing up extra money to be spent on other parts of your business or organization.

Parking lot lights are often required to be on for all hours of the night, which uses a lot more energy than lights that are turned off overnight or are set to turn on by timers or motion sensors. Since parking lot lights inherently consume high levels of electricity, the best way you can minimize this energy use is by switching to LED technology. The sooner you make this switch the better, as the cost savings of LED lights only get better with time. After the energy-saving benefits offset the extra cost of the light, your business will only experience further dividends from long-lasting LED technology further down the line.

Switching to LED technology isn’t just about saving money, though. These energy-saving LED parking lot lights are designed to provide powerful light to large open spaces, providing a safe and inviting atmosphere for the parking lots operated by your business or organization. LEDs offer superior functionality and higher levels of safety that consistently outperform other lighting technologies used for parking lot lighting. With LED parking lot lights, you can finally say goodbye to your unreliable and low-powered HID and MH lamps that have been letting you down for years.

Energy Efficiency

The parking lot lights in the Shine Retrofit catalog are some of the best energy-efficient models available on the market today. Whatever type of parking lot you have, you can be assured that Shine Retrofits has a product that will fit your needs. Our lights come in a power range of 5 to 1000 watts. No matter the size of the parking area you need to light, all of our LED parking lot lights are energy-efficient and will save you a considerable amount of money on your energy bill.

Adding in lighting controls will allow you to make your LED parking lot lighting system even more efficient. You can program your lights to dim at command and adjust to varying levels of light outside, providing you with the perfect balance of natural and artificial light for your parking lot. This will allow you to consistently light your parking lot in all different types of conditions while still saving money in the process.


In addition to being energy-efficient, modern LED parking lot light fixtures are also incredibly functional. Getting enough light disbursement out of conventional parking lot fixtures such as HID and MH lamps is a big problem that many parking lot owners face. This is especially true for car dealerships, which rely on clean lighting distribution to show off their products to prospective dealerships and keep their stock of cars safe and secure from vandalism and crime.

Modern LED parking lot lights offer unmatched light disbursement and an even spread of illumination. Unlike the HID lamps that have been conventionally used in parking lot and parking garage applications, LEDs start immediately and provide full lighting power without any warm-up time. HIDS often require time to warm up before full illumination, leaving a gap in time when you’re parking lot isn’t lit as well as it should be. Plus, these conventional lamps don’t last nearly as long as LEDs, which often have lifespan ratings from between 50,000 to 100,000 hours.

Since LEDs are more powerful than conventional parking lot fixtures, you might also consider reducing the amount of poles you use for your parking lot, thus freeing up potential parking space or areas for trees and landscaping. Switching to LEDs opens up a new world of possibilities when it comes to designing parking areas.


Security lighting is another important factor when it comes to illuminating your parking lots. To make sure that your customers and employees are safe in your parking lots, you have to invest in bright, powerful lighting that won’t fail on you. Dim and inconsistent parking lot lighting could lead to crashes and other incidents that might lead to someone being hurt, or even worse, a costly lawsuit. The catalog of LED parking lot lights on the Shine Retrofits website are all dependable and strong enough to keep your parking lot lit for safety every night.

Shine Retrofits Parking Lot Lighting Products

Shine Retrofits has a great selection for parking areas, including lights for outdoor parking lights as well as parking garages and underground parking spaces. One of our favorites is the Neptun LED-64 18-inch LED square post-top fixture. This lighting fixture is designed to be a replacement for traditional HID and HPS fixtures up to a power of 400 watts. It’s a great parking lot light because of its long, 100,000-hour lifespan as well as for its solid stainless steel construction and high light output. Plus, Neptun offers a 10-year warranty on this product.

Another great parking lot light is the 250-watt extra large area light fixture from Maxlite. Meant to replace conventional 1000 watt metal halide fixtures, this DLC Premium Listed LED fixture provides an expansive light projection for big parking lots and roadways. This is a great light fixture for applications such as big retail outlets, shopping malls, and automotive dealerships. A color temperature of 5000k provides effective, bright light to the illuminated area, while a projected lifespan of 100,000 hours means you can depend on this fixture for long hours of use.

If you have any questions about our selection of LED parking lot lights, please feel free to reach out to the Shine Retrofits customer service team. You can reach one of our certified lighting consultants by phone at 1-877-843-1206 anytime Monday through Friday from 6 am to 6 pm, Mountain Standard Time. We want to see your outdoor lighting project turn into a success, and can help walk you through the process of choosing, purchasing, and installing your lights. We can’t wait to hear from you.