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US Lighting Group's 190,000 Hour Made in USA T8 LED Tubes

Made_in_USA_LED_T8_Tube-300x300We all know that LED lighting lasts longer than most lighting options out there today. However, not every company can boast that their product will last an incredible 190,000 hours. The good news for you is we know of a company right here in the USA that can!

US Lighting Group's BH4-110 and BH4-277 Series of 4-foot and 8-foot LED linear retrofit kits were designed specifically to retrofit existing T8 fluorescent lamps in fixtures with G123 (bi-pin) sockets. Both products are guaranteed to provide up to 190,000 hours of light, meaning you will be able to install these lamps and not think about them again for a very long time. https://www.shineretrofits.com/shop-brands/us-lighting-group/sho

The long life of US Lighting's LED retrofit kit is due in part by its proprietary, patent-pending circuitry arrangement inside the lamp, which eliminates the need for transformers, Internal converters (ballasts) or external power supplies. This means users can achieve the highest level of savings possible because there are less parts involved in lamp's operation -- there are less components that need to use energy, there's less parts that need to be maintained, and the lamp can run at a lower operating temperature so the LEDs will last much longer.

And it is this innovative design that guarantees the lamp will last so long that allows US Lighting to back their claims by offering an unbelievable 25 year warranty, which is also backed by US Lighting's parent company, Intellitronix. This warranty is based on "no questions asked" -- that means if your lamp fails for whatever reason, US Lighting will replace it no matter what.

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In regards to the LEDs used in the LED linear retrofit kit, the 64 LEDs used in each lamp are so powerful, you only need one of these LED lamps to replace two full-sized fluorescent lamps. The LEDs provide a luminous efficacy of 106 lumens per watt. The 4-foot lamp provides 2,100 lumens of light while only using 20 watts of power. and the 8-foot product illuminates with 4,200 lumens while only needing to use 40 watts of power, both with a CRI greater than 82. Light is flicker-free, and three color temperature options are available --  warm white 3500K, neutral white 4500K, and cool white 6500K.


And the long life of the US Lighting LED linear retrofit kit is also based on its durable construction. The lamp is constructed of rugged aluminum and features a shatter-proof design, so you never have to worry about breaking glass. The LED linear retrofit kit offers two lens options, either clear or diffused, depending on your project's needs. Both options provide an 120° beam angle for excellent light dispersal.

The LED linear retrofit kit is an All-American product, as it is completely designed, manufactured, assembled, and tested right here in the United States. It has been tested and approved to be used in wide range of ambient temperatures, from as low as -40F° to as high as 120°F. Plus it holds a number of certifications, including UL and ETL listed, DesignLights Consortium (DLC) qualified, and RoHS compatible, as it is free of environmentally-hurtful substances like mercury, lead and phosphor.

In addition to its amazing 25 year warranty, US Lighting also backs the claims of its products by being completely transparent and making the results of all its testing reports available on their website. For example, of an integrated sphere test US Lighting had conducted in 2013 by UL Verification Services on the BH4-110-45-C LED linear retrofit kit. In fact, US Lighting only uses UL to verify the optical and lifetime claims of its products.

Now let's talk about installation. The US Lighting LED linear retrofit kit installs easily by using standard terminal connections that are specially constructed to retrofit fluorescent fixtures. The lamps are available in either 110 or 277 VAC options depending on your project's needs. The LED retrofit kit will come with the LED lamp, a luminaire pressure sensitive label, and N label (neutral marketing at the lampholder terminal).

It's important to remember this LED linear retrofit kit is for installation only in T8 standard luminaries with non-shunted lampholders (aka rapid start ballasts), and are not for use in retrofitting original luminaires that use a remote starter. They are only for use in dry locations, and should not be used with dimmers.

ShineRetrofits.com is proud to be providing its customers with products from an All-American company like US Lighting Group. Since 1981, the company has been a leader in US-made LED lighting solutions through its parent company Intellitronix Corporation. Every single one of its products is made completely at their facility in Mentor, Ohio, and each item that comes out their manufacturing facility is backed by their unprecedented 25 year warranty. So not only can you feel good about buying American, but you can feel great knowing you spent your money with a company that backs their claims and is helping to improve our planet.

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