Security Lighting, Types of Security Lighting & How to Choose

Looking for outdoor security lighting tips? Wondering what is the best security lights to buy? We’ve got you covered. At Shine Retrofits, we know the importance of security lighting, and we’re here to help you choose the best ones for your unique needs.

They say lighting is everything, and in the case of outdoor security, that sentiment couldn’t be more true. In fact, many commercial and domestic landowners have begun to favor different types of security lighting over traditional burglar alarm systems. There are a few reasons for this; security lights are often more effective, affordable, and user-friendly than other safety & protection systems. Security lighting discourages criminal activity by allowing you to keep an eye on your property, even after dark. But what is the best LED security light out there?

There are a number of types of security lighting for you to decide between, but don’t worry, we won’t leave you in the dark. We’re here to share all of our best security lighting tips, as well as point you in the direction of some of our favorite makes.


Flood Light Fixtures

One of the most popular choices for security lighting is flood lights because they are straightforward, effective, and typically have dimming options. They are popular in home security and are frequently placed above entryways such as doors, porches, and garages. 

Homeowners tend to favor flood lights for their simplicity as well as the peace of mind offered. We recommend a dimmable flood light. This allows users to illuminate their outdoor space without drawing overt attention or affecting light quality in your neighborhood. However, a simple glance outside will show you everything that’s happening in your own backyard, no matter what the hour.


HID Lights

When it comes to commercial property, HID (or High-Intensity Discharge) lights rate highly on most lists. HID lights are bright— and we mean bright. They produce an intensely strong light which illuminates a large area of space at a time. That makes them an ideal choice for massive commercial structures, like parking lots and garages, stadiums, and warehouses. Occasionally, these types of lights are used in residential situations, but we would recommend looking into other options first!

Our Pick: The HiLumz DM120 is, in our opinion, the perfect commercial HID light replacement. Users can customize their own fitting to their needs: color temp options range from 3000-5000K, and you can choose from a vertical, horizontal, or FlexTrim plate mount. This high-efficiency retrofit kit has been designed to replace your old (also HID) 400W metal halide lamps, and will work with 95% of traditional fixtures. 


Motion-Activated Lights

Most property owners look for security lights which feature motion activation sensors. The reason behind this is simple: a motion-activated light is an incredibly effective version of an “alarm system—” but without any scary sirens sounding or the chance of your dog accidentally waking up the neighborhood because you forgot to close the kitchen door.

The concept of motion sensor light security is simple. Essentially, if an intruder enters your vicinity, that will trigger your lights. Your yard will be illuminated instantly, and if said intruder isn’t scared off, you’ll be able to spot them straight away. 

On another, more day-to-day note, motion-activated lights also make it much easier for evening guests and visitors to navigate your outdoor space upon arrival. We’ve also heard a few parents say it stopped their teens from sneaking out at night— busted! 

Our Pick: The Lithonia OLF 2RH MO is one of our favorite choices for a motion-activated flood light. It’s sleek, efficient, and modern, with the ability to protect either a residential or commercial space. This powerhouse features 180-degree motion-sensing capabilities, a color temperature of 4000K, and a two-head lamp style for a wider range of illumination. Finally, this pick can produce 2,160 of LED light produced with a mere 25 watts!


Should I Put My Lights on a Timer?

Lots of homeowners and landlords choose to keep their outdoor security lights on a timer. In these cases, the security lights will only come on after the residents of the home have gone to bed, or once everybody in the commercial space (like an office) has left for the night. This is regarded as a cost-efficient security lighting option, as it only uses energy for a certain amount of hours every night. This is an especially great option if your security lights are not sensor-activated.


I Have More Lighting Questions!

Excellent— we have more answers. Here at Shine Retrofit, we know outdoor lighting and want to pass all of our knowledge onto you. If you have any queries about our large selection of outdoor lighting materials, we’re ready to tackle them with you. Our lighting consultants are fully certified and available to chat with you all week from 6 am to 6 pm, Mountain Standard Time. Give us a call at  1-877-843-1206, and we’ll help you put a little more light into your life. We can’t wait to hear from you!