Good lighting has the power to completely transform a space, and there is a whole world of light fixtures out there with an application to accomplish whatever goal you may have. When shopping for a light fixture, it is important to understand the fundamentals of lighting since the sort of light fixtures you select determine the atmosphere of your environment. Generally, there are three categories of light fixtures: task lighting, general/ambient lighting, and accent lighting. Task lights are meant for illuminating specific tasks such as reading, writing, cooking, etc. General and/or ambient lighting lights up an entire room, and accent lighting showcases a specific point of interest. As a good rule of thumb, a room should have at least one type of light fixture from each of these categories in order to create a room that is functional with a great atmosphere. Below are some of the various forms of light fixtures and their general applications.

Pendant lights are lights that are suspended from the ceiling and light downwards, which is why they are also referred to as downlights. A pendant light typically has a shade that covers the light bulb and they are typically installed over a kitchen island or table. Pendant lights can function as both an ambient light source and as a task light depending on your desired application. They add character and ambiance to a space and can convey a great sense of style. Pendants are a great option if you wanted to add décor that is also functional.

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Ceiling Mounted
Ceiling-mounted lights are mounted and hardwired into the ceiling of a building. Ceiling-mounted light fixtures typically have either fabric, glass, or plastic covers installed flush with the ceiling and are meant to diffuse light evenly in a space, rather than spotlight a specific area or object. They are one of the most common light fixtures and are used the most often in indoor settings.

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Track Lights
Track lights, otherwise known as spotlights or monorail lights, are light fixtures that are attached to a ceiling-mounted strip and they often come with multiple lamps meant for highlighting specific areas. Track lights make great task lights or ambient lights and are very versatile within a space. They are easily customizable and can be adjusted to meet personal specifications. Track lights are often used to display art pieces or fill in dark corners in rooms with ceiling-mounted light fixtures.

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Recessed Lighting
Recessed lighting is mounted within a ceiling and either barely or not at all protrudes from the surface of the ceiling. It blends perfectly with most interior styles without standing out or taking up important wall, table, or floor space. Recessed lighting produces a wide range of lighting effects by utilizing varying beam angles and spreads.

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Wall Sconces
Rather than being mounted to the ceiling, sconces are exclusively wall-mounted light fixtures and they are one of the oldest forms of light fixtures. Sconces have many purposes, making them a very versatile option for lighting a space. Wall sconces can add ambiance and can perform as a task light in certain spaces. Sconces come in downlight and uplight options and can either be hardwired into a wall or mounted and plugged in like a lamp.

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Similar to pendant lights, chandelier light fixtures are suspended from indoor ceilings and produce ambient light. Chandeliers are usually intended to add style and ambiance to a space and can come in rather extravagant designs. Chandeliers are usually a statement piece in your home, so when choosing one it is best to consider the décor and space of the room you wish to install it in.

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Outdoor Lighting
Outdoor light fixtures can drastically change the design of a space while also improving a building's security and safety. There are many different types of outdoor light fixtures that are suitable for numerous applications. The most popular outdoor light fixtures include path lights, wall lights, post lights, landscape lights, security, and floodlights.

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