LED technology has come a long way in recent years. Though the lights first started being produced back in 1962, light-emitting diodes, commonly known as LEDs, have finally come to be a major part of the lighting business. Many of the most prominent lighting companies have made LEDs a big part of their business, producing everything from home lighting to massive warehouse and stadium lighting using LED technology. The reason for this is efficiency. When it comes to energy-saving lighting, LED lights really take the cake. The technology combines long life with low energy usage, which means that consumers and businesses alike will save time and money by making the switch to LEDs.

But with a significant amount of buildings, homes, and other spaces already outfitted with traditional incandescent or fluorescent light fixtures, many people are left wondering how they should make the switch to LED technology, and whether or not it’s worth the trouble. The solution to this problem is the LED retrofit kit, which makes the process of switching to LED technology a relatively painless and stress-free process. Designed to avoid the unnecessary costs of an across-the-board redesign of your lighting system, an LED Retrofit Kit saves you money on brand new fixtures and gets your system up and running with new LED technology in no time.

There are plenty of benefits that should motivate you to make the switch, and here are five good reasons why it’s a great idea to invest in an LED retrofit kit today.

  1. LEDs will save you money

Much of the traditional lighting that we’ve used since the advent of electricity, including incandescent lamps such as halogens, hasn’t been very energy efficient. Incandescent bulbs lose a lot of the energy they use in heat, with usually only about 5% of the electricity actually being converted into visible light. When compared to LED technology, there’s no question as to which is the better option. LEDs use about 20-25% of the energy an incandescent light does, and can often last up to 25 times longer. LEDs even outperform fluorescent bulbs like CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps), which use about one-third of the energy of a traditional incandescent light. With an LED retrofit kit, you can easily replace the incandescent or fluorescent fixtures you have in place, and start reaping the benefits of LED technology in no time.

  1. They’re easy to install

Although on the surface it may seem like a complicated process, we assure you that installing a LED retrofit kit is easier than it looks. A typical kit will come with everything you need to retrofit your fixture, including brackets, sockets, and screws to make sure the new LED bulbs fit in perfectly. Comprehensive instructions will also be included with your kit, walking you step by step through the process. Plus, retrofit kits are available for a wide variety of applications, from street pole and gas station lighting to wall pack and high bay fixtures. Sometimes minimal wiring will be required, but as long as you follow the safety instructions for electrical wiring and follow each step required for the installation, you’ll have your new LED lights working in no time.

  1. LEDs last a long time

Remember those incandescent lights back in the day, the bulbs that seemed as if they were constantly going out? Well, you’re not far off, because relative to today’s LED technology, those old-fashioned bulbs need to be replaced in the blink of any eye. Once you make the switch to LED technology, you’ll wonder why you ever put up with it. Modern LEDs can last up to 25 times longer than those unreliable old incandescent bulbs, which is just another reason for you to make the switch by installing an LED retrofit kit. When you heap on the energy savings you’ll enjoy with your new LED bulbs, it’s basically a nno-brainer

  1. Less upfront investment

Whatever way you spin it, LED retrofit kits are the most cost-efficient way to upgrade to the new LED technology. In addition to the energy savings and long life you’ll enjoy with your new LED bulbs, retrofitting is a lot more economical than investing in a line of all-new fixtures that support LED technology. For many businesses, this should be all the incentive they need to make the switch. Lower shipping costs and prices for retrofit kits, coupled with an easier and cheaper installation in your personal or commercial space, really make LED retrofit kits the best option for upgrading to modern LED technology.

  1. You can keep your existing fixtures

Oftentimes, individuals or businesses are held back from upgrading to LED technology by the process of buying all new fixtures for their space. On many occasions, they may even feel attached to the fixtures they have and enjoy the design and aesthetic they’ve already put together for their home or commercial space. With LED retrofit kits, you don’t have to let these things hold you back. You can keep all the good things you loved about your existing fixtures, like their design and lighting angle, while also reaping the enormous benefits that LED technology has to offer. As soon as you get your first energy bill, you’ll be glad you made the change.

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