Shine Retrofits Street Lamps at NightStreet lamps play a vital role in modern urban and rural infrastructure, offering numerous benefits and serving a multitude of purposes. Benefits include enhancing road safety, minimizing crime and creating a better flow of traffic.

In keeping in line with the quality they are known for, RAB Lighting offers the necessary accessories for every street pole. RAB Lighting has extended their product offering to more than only the lighting catalog, to introduce accessories that assist with the installation process, making it easier to install light poles on any street corner, for poles of any size.

RAB Lighting Accessories for Street Poles

The accessories needed to install into the pole – such as the pole base covers and cap kits and tool kits – will ensure that the pole foundation is as reliable and effective as the lighting itself.

With various sizes and styles available, RAB Lighting's pole base covers and cap kits offer flexibility to match different pole designs and specifications, ensuring a perfect fit for any street lighting project.

RAB also provides tool and accessory kits to streamline the installation process, further contributing to the overall efficiency and functionality of street pole lighting systems.

Shine Retrofits offers a vast catalog of RAB outdoor lighting products and pole accessories. With RAB Lighting, all you need to do is install the pole, and you're well on your way to brighter, safer, and more stylish outdoor spaces.

If you have questions about RAB Lighting products offered by Shine, please email us or call us at 800-983-1315. Our lighting-certified sales team is ready to take your call from 6AM-6PM MST from Monday to Friday.