Sylvania Brand Spotlight

When it comes to commitment to lighting excellence, SYLVANIA is a brand that you can depend on. As one of the major players in both production and advancement of LED lighting, they are on the cutting edge of innovation, helping to create the next generation of energy-efficient lights for commercial and residential applications as well as providing key products to several different sectors of society, from educational institutions and research facilities to manufacturing plants and office buildings.

Since their founding in 1901, when the entrepreneur Frank Poor became a partner in a small lighting company in Middleton, Massachusetts, the SYLVANIA has continued to innovate. By 1909 the company was selling brand new carbon-filament light bulbs and in 1916 opened up a new plant in Salem, Massachusetts that could turn out up to 16,000 lamps a day. Over the years the company grew as it manufactured lights as well as components and materials for use in other products. They even got into consumer electronics such as radios.

By the 1980s was innovating in Fluorescent lighting, producing products like the OCTRON® fluorescent lamp and the DULUX® compact fluorescent lamp. At the time, fluorescent lamps and bulbs were on the cutting edge of energy efficiency for light fixtures, and SYLVANIA was at the forefront of that industry.

Now known as LEDVANCE, the company was bought by a Chinese consortium in 2017, and continues to innovate in LED lighting along with its sister company MLS. Together, these companies produce a high output of LEDs, and will help put forward the industry towards an energy-efficient future for both commercial and residential spaces.

The SYLVANIA commitment to Education

As part of their commitment to lighting product innovation and providing better products for various sectors of business and government, SYLVANIA has made it their mission to provide more effective lighting solutions for the education sector.

SYLVANIA has identified the fact that many U.S. schools are in dire need of renovations to their lighting systems, many of which don’t meet modern standards when it comes to energy efficiency and light quality. This also intersects with the way that new technology, such as computers and smartphones, are increasingly playing major roles in both our personal and work lives.

SYLVANIA is taking many steps to help improve lighting in schools. One of their prime commitments is as an advocate for daylighting, especially as an effective way of combining natural and artificial light to create an optimal level of light for both schoolwork and psychological health. With the advent of automated systems, maintaining a healthy medium between sunlight and artificial light is easier than ever before.

Creating these energy-efficient schools of the future will lead to better performance for both students and teachers, as well as help reduce waste and create a more energy-efficient so that schools can focus their monetary resources on better education for all their students.

SYLVANIA Lighting and the Healthcare Industry

Lighting is critical to the healthcare sector, which is why SYLVANIA has dedicated itself to providing the best light for hospitals, doctor's offices, clinics, and a host of other applications. Achieving the right balance of effective lighting for workspaces and nourishing light for patients is imperative for the world of healthcare, not even mentioning the cost-saving elements of efficient lighting, which will help an expensive industry cut down on costly energy bills.

For patients that are admitted into the healthcare sector, light can play a critical role in healing. Having access to nourishing, warm lights will help the patient recover from their illness, and assist in the psychological recovery that is critical after being sick. In the healthcare application, light also plays an important role in security, allowing patients and staff to take stock

SYLVANIA has identified that effective healthcare lighting must be both adaptive and effective. This means that hospitals can’t just provide one kind of light, but must be able to provide both adequate work lighting for surgeries and other health work while also being to adapt to comfortable atmospheres for patient recovery. SYLVANIA is committed to helping the healthcare sector fulfill these lighting needs while helping them cut down on costs with more energy-efficient lighting.


Shine Retrofits is proud to sell a robust selection of SYLVANIA products as part of our lighting catalog. The company produces a wide range of lighting products, including a variety of LED lamps, LED luminaires and retrofits, fluorescent bulbs, and a selection of smart LED products. We wouldn’t include SYLVANIA in our catalog if it wasn’t some of the highest quality lighting you can find on the market today.

SYLVANIA is proud to be at the cutting edge of LED lighting, which has become the premier energy-efficient lighting technology for all different sorts of lighting systems. Whether you’re looking to make the switch to brand-new LEDs or are thinking about retrofitting your fixtures with LEDs, SYLVANIA is a great brand to choose.

Plus, SYLVANIA now also offers a line of Smart LED products, which you can pair with your smart building system to make your lighting even more efficient than ever before.

SYLVANIA Smart LED Products

The smart lighting craze is just starting to take off, and SYLVANIA is at the forefront of creating products that will make lighting your home, office, or other space easier than ever before. The ease of smart lighting products will lead to higher levels of energy efficiency in our lighting systems, and will help people and businesses save even more money on their energy bill.

That’s why SYLVANIA sells such a variety of smart lighting products. Their list includes the SMART+ ZigBee® Leviton® Lumina™ RF Keypad Room Controller, which allows people to connect the smart home controller to their phones or to a central hub and control the various lights in their house. You can pair this with some of SYLVANIA’s various LED panels and LED full color recessed lights that have been outfitted with smart technology.

SYLVANIA also sells a selection of smart full-color lighting strips and bulbs, as well as smart plugs and motion sensors, which will allow you to not only automate your home or business with a connected system, but design it to your individual needs or aesthetic standards. This kind of customizability and personalization has become the standard in the lighting industry, and SYLVANIA has the products that will help you get your lighting system just the way you want it.

SYLVANIA’s products are designed to be able to connect to Zigbee hubs and sensors, which you can use to create a fully connected system of smart lights and other electronics and appliances. Zigbee is one of the most highly used communication protocols for smart devices and lights, which means you should have no problem setting up your full system with SYLVANIA lights as a part of it.


SYLVANIA has committed to LED technology by offering a variety of LED retrofit options that allow you to switch over your lighting to the new technology instead of investing in brand-new fixtures.

For those looking to upgrade their existing fluorescent fixtures to LED technology, SYLVANIA offers a special line of LED T8 and T12 lamps, plus a selection of retrofit kits. With these products, you can replace your existing T12 or T8 fluorescent lamps with LED lamps, which are specially designed by SYLVANIA to minimize lumen loss and achieve an optimal light distribution pattern. There are various options available, from kits with an external driver to direct replacements that come with an existing instant start ballast.

One great simple option is the LEDlescent®, which is a ballast-free T8 lamp, and offers up to 150 LPW, or lumens per watt. Or you can go with the SubstiTUBE® Value LED T8, which is designed to be compatible with the instant start T8 Ballast and offers up to 112 LPW.

If you have any questions about SYLVANIA products or how they might fit into your next project, we’d love to help guide you in the right direction. As a premier lighting distributor, the team at Shine Retrofits possesses a deep knowledge of lighting products, and can help you through the whole process of searching for and purchasing high-quality, efficient lights for your home and business. We want to help your project turn into a success. To get in touch with our team of lighting experts, please call our customer service team at 1-877-958-9171 anytime Monday through Friday, from 6 am to 6 pm, Mountain Standard Time. We can’t wait to hear from you and help get your project off the ground!