Illumitex LEDs Help Plants Grow

When it comes to LED lighting, relying on a company that produces quality products is important. One of those companies is Illumitex, which has been one of the leaders in the lighting field for the last ten years. Based in Austin, Texas, the company has continued to be on the cutting edge by emphasizing innovation in their products, designing groundbreaking fixtures and lighting solutions for commercial, industrial, food processing, and indoor horticultural spaces.  

LEDs have become, especially in the past few years, one of the major focuses of the lighting industry. As the technology has progressed, many of the industry giants have shifted their focus onto the efficiency and power of LEDs. The energy-saving power of LEDs has made them vitally important in the business world. The fact that they are safe to use and last a long time just adds to their value for business applications. This has become especially true for the world of horticulture lighting, which has benefited not only from the low energy demands of LEDs, but also from the power and quality of the light energy they deliver to plants.

Although Illumitex makes LED fixtures for a variety of applications, the main focus of the company is in the field of horticulture grow lights. Over the last few years, the company has been driving innovation in the world of horticultural lighting by emphasizing the power and efficiency of LED lights for growing plants. Not only does Illumitex make incredible lights for growing plants, but they also have developed another, more intricate technology that has the ability to revolutionize the industry. Illumitex calls it Digital Horticulture, which is the name for their system that captures and analyzes data on plants, helping a horticulture business learn and grow more efficiently with the lighting system they have implemented.

LEDs for Horticulture

Illumitex believes that LEDs are the best technology available for horticultural grow lights, and back up that belief with incredible products that use the power of LEDs to their advantage. When it comes to growing plants with artificial light, the aim of any grow operation should be to mimic the spectrum of light that the sun offers as best as you can. Illumitex has found that LEDs accomplish that task better than any other lighting technology currently available, which means that they more consistently provide you with healthy, growing plants that will enable your business to stay alive and viable.

Replacing old technologies such as HID (high-intensity discharge) bulbs, which use an electrical gas discharge to produce light, LEDs have proven themselves to be powerful and efficient enough for nearly any task. Along with the across-the-board savings your business will realize in energy usage, LEDs also boast a long life, meaning you won’t always be having to replace your grow lights when one goes out. What’s even better is that LEDs are safe and have been shown to grow plants faster and healthier than any other light.

Illumitex’s mission is to provide the best lighting solutions for any controlled agriculture environment (CEA). They do this with a team that includes design experts, plant scientists, engineers, and experienced growers, meaning that they understand every facet of the growing experience, from the technical aspects of the technology to the actual experience of running a business that relies on horticultural growing lights.

Shine Retrofits stocks many of Illumitex’s products as part of our line of horticultural grow lights. Here at Shine Retrofits, we value high-quality products from companies that are dedicated to providing the best lighting in the world, and Illumitex is one of those companies that ranks at the top of our list. Explore the options below to learn more about the various grow lights that Illumitex offers.

The PowerHarvest®

One of the standout products that Illumitex produces is the PowerHarvest, one of the most powerful lighting solutions they’ve designed for grow operations. It’s made with high-power CREE LEDs, which are some of the best-LED lights on the market. Also, the PowerHarvest provides your grow operation with wide distribution optics, allowing the LEDs equipped in a fixture to penetrate effectively into the plant canopy and provide growing power from vegetative to bloom stages. Also, the fixture is equipped with wireless controls, allowing you to control not only the individual fixture, but thousands of possible fixtures from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Plus, the PowerHarvest has a 50,000-hour life and a 5-year warranty, which means it’s a product that you can rely on for your grow operation. Anyone who’s been in the industry knows that consistency is key for horticultural lighting, and the PowerHarvest is a powerful LED fixture that will do exactly that for your business.


Flexible and easy to install, the Eclipse line from Illumitex is another great product to consider for your grow operation. Their slim and light design allows them to be installed in various ways, and they can even be daisy chained in rows of up to 15 fixtures, allowing you to use fewer outlets and streamline the lighting you use in your growing operation. Like the PowerHarvest, they have a 50,000-hour life and feature a 5-year warranty, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that your fixtures will hold up over time.

The Eclipse line is also made with CREE LEDs, which means that you can count on any grow light you purchase to use the power and efficiency of some of the best LEDs available in today’s market.

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We’re ready to help you figure out the solution to your lighting problem, and look forward to helping you select the Illumitex grow light or any other product that will elevate your home or business to the next level.