Shine Retrofits Industrial Light FixturesProper lighting is pivotal for industrial warehouses. Improved lighting boosts worksite safety and productivity, and also reduces energy consumption and maintenance costs. Better industrial lighting is a strategic business investment. Shine Retrofits has put together this convenient guide to help business owners navigate this process.

Understanding Industrial Lighting Products

Industrial lighting products are engineered to withstand the demanding conditions of warehouses and other industrial settings. These fixtures must be durable against extreme temperatures, moisture, dust, and provide consistent, high-quality light over large areas.

The Shift to LED

Traditional fluorescent lighting has been prevalent in industrial settings for decades, chosen for its low initial cost and availability. However, LED (light emitting diode) technology's rise has shifted industry standards.

Fluorescent vs. LED

More and more businesses are now turning towards LED lighting solutions for their longevity and energy efficiency. Fluorescent lights contain hazardous substances and require more frequent replacements compared to LEDs. LEDs require less energy, emit less heat, and last significantly longer than fluorescent lights. Although LED lights cost more than fluorescent upfront, they help business owners save money in the long-term.

Efficacy: A Key Metric in Industrial Lighting

In industrial settings, the efficiency with which a fixture converts power to visible light, known as efficacy, is especially important. This is due to the prolonged operating periods typical in these environments.

Lumens Per Watt (Lm/W) and Efficacy

The lumens per watt (Lm/W) ratio indicates a light fixture's efficacy.  This metric measures how much light is emitted relative to how much energy is used. Simply put — a higher Lm/W ratio means more efficient lighting. Efficient lighting ensures lower energy costs and a smaller carbon footprint, making it a central consideration when choosing industrial lighting products.

Indoor Lighting Challenges

Lighting in industrial spaces must be powerful enough to cover large areas, and adaptable for different tasks. It should minimize glare and shadows, and enable workers to operate safely and efficiently. Moreover, the chosen lighting should contribute to a well-lit environment that supports accuracy and attention to detail, which are critical in the quality control processes. It must also be designed to withstand the operational rigors, such as vibration and exposure to various materials, while providing a comfortable ambiance that reduces eye strain and improves overall worker morale and productivity.

Commercial Lighting Solutions for Industrial Settings

Industrial warehouses require commercial lighting solutions that are robust, durable, and provide the right type of light for the tasks at hand. Modern equipment comes with advanced features, such as programmable “smart controls” which helps users manage their energy usage. Integrating lighting systems with other operational technologies and features can heighten functionality and system responsiveness.

Choosing Industrial Lighting Suppliers

Business owners must research industrial warehouse lighting fixtures to better understand how different systems impact productivity, safety, and cost-effectiveness. Working alongside seasoned industrial lighting suppliers will help ensure smart industrial lighting investments.

Ideally, lighting suppliers should offer a diverse range of products, especially those featuring the latest LED technology, and provide thorough specifications and support to assist in choosing suitable fixtures.

Shine Retrofits stands out in this realm, offering not just products, but also support in the form of educational resources and articles. Investing in better lighting products today pays dividends in energy savings and performance tomorrow.

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