Shine Retrofits Wind Protection for Lighting FixturesWhat happens to Light fixtures in the wind? How does RAB Lighting use engineering on their designs to combat severe winds? We’ve all heard about severe wind and hurricanes across the country. Fortunately, there are modern solutions to help minimize damage – one of which has to do with lighting fixtures.

Factors in Air Flow
How does air flow around a light fixture? In traffic, there are things done to slow down traffic such as speed bumps. With light fixtures, the principles are the same – there are ways we can minimize airflow on and around lighting. RAB Lighting has engineered the lighting fixtures that can maintain and hold up in high winds.

When developing these designs, the considerations that are factored into the engineering on the fixtures include the drag coefficient and the Effective projected area (EPA). Drag coefficient is the number that is used to model the complex dependencies of drag on shape, inclination and flow conditions. In other words, it is used to figure out the drag or resistance of an object in a fluid movement that can include water or wind.

The Effective projected area is used to evaluate the wind-induced loads that are expected on lighting fixtures. This is calculated by multiplying the drag coefficient and the projected surface area of a fixture.

Force on a pole is dependent on drag coefficient, area, fixture weight and wind speed.

Project area is calculated using drag coefficient and area. The shape of an object has a great effect on the amount of drag.

The goal is for air to move as smooth and quickly as possible around an object. It’s important to consider the maximum wind direction – and what the worst case for the wind direction is on the light fixture. First step is to separate fixture into different shapes and calculate the area of each shape. Next match shape to the drag coefficient. Once the calculations are made for these numbers of each shape, the next step is to add them up.

For fixtures with multiple fixtures, there will be a greater increase of wind EPA against the fixtures. RAB Lighting has developed new LED technology lighting which offers fixtures that have updated designs with better EPA ratings because they are slimmer, have a minimized cross section and have a reduction of weight in the profile designs.

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