What is Downlight Retrofit Lighting?

Downlight retrofits illuminate a gas stationRAB Lighting downlights are a newer family of products, introduced in 2020. Retrofitting is a process of adding a modern component to an existing item.

Retrofit downlight is a type of lighting fixture that is designed to replace or upgrade existing recessed lighting fixtures, specifically, those with incandescent or older fluorescent technology. For recessed downlighting, retrofit refers to upgrading the lamp source typically, to an LED technology, while keeping the existing fixture or lighting layout. Retrofit LED lights offer a long lifespan and require little maintenance.

LED downlights are available in different shapes and sizes, and because they are essential for modern interior design, they are a preferred choice for both homeowners and designers.

The traditional components of a downlight are made up of several components, including the housing or can, the trim and the light source. The light will go into the trim. The lamp will sit at the proper opening of the downlight to give both the best efficiency out of the fixture and the best aesthetic of the fixture.

What Are Benefits of Retrofit Lighting?

Retrofit lighting offers better light quality, improving how well people see within the interiors of a home or office. With retrofit lighting, all you have to do is get the correlating light bulb to fit into your existing fixture, without having to spend more on the fixture.

RAB Lighting is known for lighting options that last for longer periods of time, meaning you won’t have to replace the lighting for quite some time. This is because the materials they are made with quality in mind, and rigorously tested to ensure the quality.

RAB lighting lamps stand out for their exceptional energy efficiency. Utilizing advanced LED technology, RAB lighting lamps offer significant savings on energy. LED bulbs deliver highly efficient illumination, consuming significantly less electricity to produce an equivalent amount of light compared to traditional lamps.

Retrofit downlights are a popular choice for upgrading and modernizing existing lighting systems while benefiting from improved energy efficiency and lighting quality. They are commonly used in homes, offices, retail spaces, and various commercial environments to enhance both the lighting and energy-saving aspects of the space.

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