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Parking garage lighting is unique in that because it is outdoors, there is also ambient daylight that can be present in this type of setting. Parking garage controls feature Passive Infrared (PIR) which detects the movement of heat using a slotted field of detection.

This means as you get closer to the sensor, it will detect easier. Small movement is harder to detect as the distance from the sensor increases. Because of these features, it is required to be in the line of sight, as PIR technology doesn’t detect around corners.

Sensitivity increases closer to the sensor. This ensures that you won’t be in the dark, and provides good control, as the movement will keep the light on for you. The main considerations for parking garage lighting include:

  • Safety
    Adequate lighting is essential for ensuring the safety of pedestrians and drivers within the parking garage. RAB Lighting products are designed to provide even illumination, reducing shadows and blind spots, which can help prevent accidents and enhance security.
  • Compliance
    RAB Lighting ensures that their products adhere to industry standards and codes, guaranteeing that the lighting solutions are compliant with safety regulations and guidelines.
  • Durability
    Parking garages endure heavy usage and require lighting solutions that can withstand environmental stressors. RAB Lighting products are often built with robust materials and are resistant to corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Energy Efficiency
    RAB Lighting offers energy-efficient options, which not only reduce operational costs but also minimize the carbon footprint of the facility. Their LED lighting solutions are known for their longevity and lower power consumption.

Choose the Right Lights

The particular fixtures used to light your parking garage depends on what area of the parking garage you are looking to light up. Linear fixtures that offer a wide lighting distribution are ideal for parking garages because they tend to have a lower profile and are durable. Light distributed from these are spread out in a lower mounting height space.

RAB LED lighting is renowned around the country for being among the most high-quality and dependable products available. Their indoor and outdoor LED products offer you a number of wattage and lighting color options to choose from, including color temperatures from 3000k to 5100k, allowing you to customize the atmosphere of your spaces to your needs.

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