At the end of 2016, sales representative Erin Killeen worked with the staff at LNS Turbo Inc. out of Kings Mountain, North Carolina, to improve the lighting in their manufacturing facility. Erin assessed the needs of the company and engineered a plan to improve the light, while reducing the electricity demand of the building.

The image below shows existing high bay fixtures in the foreground, and the newly installed Howard Lighting HFA1E654 fixtures in the background. It is clear to see the improvement in visibility and safety that resulted from the lighting installation.

LNS Turbo Inc. facility A view inside the LNS Turbo Inc. facility. In the background you can see the improved lighting. The previous lighting is still in use in the foreground.

In order to offer efficiency with the Howard fixtures, LNS also purchased T5HO Linear LED Tube Lamps to be used in the Howard fixtures. These are ballast compatible linear tubes that can be used like fluorescent tube lamps. The difference being that they offer a 50,000 hour lamp life(typical fluorescent tube lasts 10,000). In addition to the cost savings of from the electricity consumption, they will also save on maintenance costs as their LED lamps will last at least twice as long as the fluorescent equivalent. This means their staff will not have to perform costly labor to replace the bulbs throughout their facility for at least the next 10 years.

These are the products that were used in the project:

Howard Lighting HFA1E654APSMV000000I 6 Lamp T5HO Linear High Bay Light Fixture
Topstar T5HO Linear Fluorescent LED Lamp L46T5HO-850-24P-P2-EB Topstar T5HO Linear Fluorescent LED Lamp

About LNS Turbo Inc.

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