Lithonia LightingLithonia Lighting is a brand well-respected for creating affordable and efficient lighting fixtures that are used for commercial and residential applications across the country. As an Acuity Brands company, they have been committed to offering the Best Value in Lighting® for more than 60 years with a wide range of LED and Fluorescent lighting products and a vision they stand by with every product they manufacture.

The Lithonia Lighting journey started small but has quickly become an industry leader by providing its customers with excellent products and services for over 75 years. It is with pride that Lithonia Lighting continues to grow and evolve as a leading name in the lighting industry, with dedicated support from specifiers, facility and operations managers, electrical contractors, and electrical distributors near and far.

75 Years and Still Growing
In 2021, the Lithonia Lighting® brand celebrated 75 years and they continue to take pride in their heritage as a company. Today, Lithonia Lighting provides consumers with a market-leading array of high-quality LED lighting products across almost all categories, including various industrial, commercial, life safety systems, and indoor/outdoor fixtures. With a lighting line as extensive as Lithonia’s, it’s no wonder they are a key lighting provider across many industries from manufacturing and warehousing to education, healthcare, and retail, as well as parking lots and pedestrian walkways.

Lithonia Lighting has found success over the years by paying great attention to client needs, understanding them, and then matching those needs and requirements with the best solutions that have an impact in the areas where they are used.

Lithonia Lighting, the number one selling brand in North America.
For over 75 years, Lithonia Lighting has offered the largest selection of commercial, industrial, and residential lighting on the market, earning the title of Best Value in Lighting™. Shine Retrofits is a trusted Lithonia Lighting retailer because we only provide our consumers with quality, dependable, and reliable products. And as the top-selling brand in North America, Lithonia Lighting is a no-brainer when shopping for the best of the best.

The LED lights from Lithonia Lighting offer high performance and cost-effectiveness that make them ideal for a wide range of commercial applications. The Lithonia Lighting Catalog offers a selection of lighting fixtures for garages, high-bay ceilings, offices, and a wide range of other commercial and residential uses.

#1 Selling Brand Product Categories

High Bays
With options for both linear and round high bays, Lithonia Lighting's high bay portfolio offers dependable and tailored solutions for any industrial application. These high bays are constructed to resist harsh industrial environments, have unparalleled configurability, and are optimized with best-in-class controls for greater functionality and efficiency.

Lithonia Lighting's panel portfolio was created in an effort to fully provide solutions for all types of client demands. We provide panels in a variety of price ranges, switchable technology options, highly flexible packages, and embedded control capabilities. We also offer a variety of mounting choices, including direct-surface mount, suspended mount, and recessed mount. We are aware that you have options when selecting a panel. To choose the ideal panel for the job, we are here to assist.

Lithonia Lighting has a reputation for producing high-quality recessed center-element lighting, including solutions that are both stock-friendly and highly adjustable. Our newest family of lay-ins, STACK™, is now available to advance our dedication to performance.

The strips portfolio from Lithonia Lighting includes a wide range of products, from regularly used, simple models to highly customized options, offering a solution for any application.

Exit and Emergency
It's important to pick the appropriate emergency lighting solution for your space. Lithonia Lighting provides a solution for every setting, from big open spaces to tiny restricted spaces. When it comes to safety lighting, you need products you can trust.

Lithonia Lighting is a Shine Retrofits approved brand
Lithonia Lighting is the number one lighting source for company owners and electrical contractors. That’s why Shine Retrofits carries a full selection of Lithonia Lighting products for you to choose from. Look through our online selection of LED lights and fluorescent lighting to find the solution for your upcoming project.

If you have any questions about Lithonia Lighting products or about what energy-efficient lighting technologies might be right for you, please reach out to us. Our team of lighting experts at Shine Retrofits can walk you through the process of buying LED lighting fixtures, retrofits, and a host of other products for your business. Please call our customer service team at 1-800-983-1315 anytime Monday through Friday, 6 am to 6 pm, Mountain Standard Time.