How to earn a tax deduction on energy-efficient lighting with EPAct 2005

EPAct 2005 is determined by the Department of EnergyEPAct 2005 allows business owners to take an accelerated 179D tax deduction in the first year equipment is in service.  The equipment must qualify under the energy efficient standards outlined in the legislation.  For qualified lighting retrofits and new lighting systems, the building owner can take up to a $0.60/square foot tax deduction. Also known as the Energy Policy Act of 2005, this deduction can add up to huge amounts for larger buildings and should not be overlooked when replacing your lighting systems. Therefore, we make it our goal to help customers claim those deductions. Furthermore, we are here to help you choose the right products that qualify for compensation. has helped many customers through our proprietary streamlined process and paperwork package. It combines all the necessary documents needed to report the deduction to IRS at tax time. We offer this service along with any product purchase over $3,000.00. 


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