We all know that a warehouse is a place where products and finished goods are stored. What we often don’t know or don’t really think or reflect upon is the fact that warehouses are often dark. When you consider that trucks, heavy equipment, delivery vans, and forklifts are often in warehouses to complete work; keeping people in the dark just doesn’t make sense. Particularly, in terms of safety. These lighting guidelines will help you brighten your warehouse space.

Ideally, a warehouses should be designed very carefully so that they are equipped with proper energy efficient illumination and the right safety features. Various factors such as warehouse size, placement of actual light bulbs, number of bulbs, and the right amount of brightness are important considerations. It is best to choose lighting for the best preservation and protection of the products, goods, and services being stored. Another illumination consideration is the effect the lighting will have on the employees who work there. For example, employees should feel comfortable, secure, and safe when working in the environment without having to strain their eyesight. Important considerations for shining a light on any dark warehouse include – 1) Energy Efficiency and 2) Health and Safety. Here are the reasons why these two factors are so critical in terms of illumination in large spaces like a warehouse:


1.) Energy Efficiency Lighting Guidelines

By installing energy efficient lighting in warehouses and factories, there are a number of significant benefits. Energy efficient lighting minimizes company impact on the environment itself. Plus, by replacing outdated T12 tube fluorescent lights or metal halide fixtures, companies save money in terms of both energy consumption and product repair and replacement. This reduction in waste saves money, time, and unnecessary added expenses.

Another way warehouse lighting can become more energy efficient is by providing illumination which is responsive to integrated sensors for light and movement or have manual dimming capabilities. One fixture that is particularly purposeful in terms of energy efficiency is this 6-Lamp 54W T5 HO fixture with 95% aluminum. It can provide high bay or low bay lighting. It includes reflector, brackets, full-steel enclosure fixture and two high-quality high ballast factor Sylvania 3-Lamp T5 HO ballasts. Fixtures such as this one provide an excellent energy efficient option specific to warehouse lighting.


2.) Health and Safety

Adequate lighting for warehouse and factories includes providing the right illumination for staff without any irritating glare or reflection. It is important to consider both the overall warehouse environment and the individual requirements for specific work stations and/or business processes. For example, warehouses for businesses in the food and drug industry should avoid luminaires that attract insects. They also need to be specifically rated and completely sealed. Another health and safety consideration is the emergency lighting provided. Some older fixtures or ballasts and transformers can emit a constant humming sound. Reducing or eliminating this noise is easy with energy efficient options. Plus, newer fittings and energy efficient lighting fixtures are compliant with current rules and regulations and health standards.

No one really needs to ask ‘Why is my warehouse so dark?’ There are so many affordable, safe, energy efficient lighting options available to illuminate every corner of your warehouse or factory.