Shine Retrofits Industrial LightingIndustrial environments require effective lighting. As traditional lighting systems become less suited to modern energy standards, LED retrofit kits offer a practical alternative. Shine Retrofits has put together this guide to illuminate the path toward improved lighting solutions.

Upgrade Your Lighting: The Shift from Fluorescent to LED

The flicker and hum of overhead fluorescents presents more than just a minor annoyance – these factors can significantly hinder concentration. If these issues sound familiar, consider upgrading your lighting infrastructure to LED technology.

The Case for LED Retrofit Kits

LED retrofit kits represent a significant advancement in lighting technology. These units are designed to replace outdated fixtures with modern, energy-efficient LEDs. These kits also offer superior lighting quality, which can contribute to improved safety and productivity in industrial settings. From warehouse lights to building lights, LED retrofitting offers a vast scope of options.

Benefits Beyond Brightness

Upgrading to LED lighting comes with many advantages. LED lights consume significantly less power, leading to substantial reductions in energy bills. Additionally, the longer lifespan of LEDs translates to fewer replacements and maintenance tasks, further reducing long-term costs. For industrial facilities, LED lighting represents a step in a positive direction. Here are some of the many benefits of investing in LED retrofit kits:

  • Improved Visual Clarity: LED lighting provides a brighter, crisper light, enhancing visual clarity and contributing to increased productivity in workspaces.
  • Customizable Ambiance: With a range of color temperatures and dimming options, LEDs allow you to tailor the tone of the atmosphere, from cozy warm whites for recreational spaces to invigorating cool whites for work spaces.
  • Instant Illumination: Unlike fluorescents, LEDs reach full brightness instantly, eliminating wait times for warm-up.
  • Health and Comfort: LEDs emit flicker-free light, mimicking natural daylight, which can alleviate headaches and eyestrain.

Specialized Solutions for Every Need

Whether you’re looking to enhance visibility in vast warehouse spaces, ensuring the safety of building exteriors, or improving the aesthetics and functionality of signage and stairwell lighting, LED retrofit kits offer a versatile solution. Read on to learn more about the advantages of specific products.

Shoebox LED Retrofit Kits: Illuminating the Way Forward

Shoebox LED retrofit kits can be used for outdoor as well as indoor lighting applications. These retrofit kits upgrade existing shoebox-style fixtures, commonly found in industrial parking lots, walkways, and other areas.

Shoebox LED retrofit kits contain all necessary components to convert traditional metal halide or high-pressure sodium shoebox fixtures into LED. The retrofit kits typically include LED modules, drivers, and mounting hardware, designed to fit into the existing fixture housing, making the upgrade process seamless and straightforward.

Retrofitting for Signage

Some units, such as RAB Lighting's double-ended sign tubes, are designed to enhance signage lighting. Perfectly engineered to replace T12HO and T8HO fluorescent tubes, these retrofit tubes fit seamlessly into existing sign fixture sockets with a simple ballast bypass. These tubes not only promise longevity with a 50,000-hour lifespan, but also ensure your signage shines brighter and more uniformly, all while consuming less energy at 48 watts for 6,500 lumens of illumination.

Why Choose Shine Retrofits?

Our products retrofit existing lighting fixtures seamlessly, making the transition to LED lighting as straightforward as possible. This reduces installation time and costs, and also minimizes disruption to daily operations — a critical consideration for any industrial facility.

Transform your industrial facility’s lighting system with LED retrofit kits, and make a smart investment for your future. Ready to take the first step towards upgrading your industrial lighting? View our LED retrofit products today and discover how we can help you achieve optimal lighting efficiency and performance.