Shine Retrofits is dedicated to offering the highest quality lighting solutions across a wide variety of industries. Whether you’re a contractor, business owner, or homeowner, Shine Retrofits has the right products for you made by the best brands on the market today. Shine Retrofits is a proud carrier of Howard Lighting because of its exceptional inventory of fixtures, lights, and ballasts.

We are excited to share a few of our favorite Howard Lighting products with you with this complete buyers guide of products all available on Shine Retrofits.

Howard Lighting LSL44040MV 40-Watt 4-Foot 2-Lamp LED Linkable Shop Light - 6 Packs

This 40-Watt 4FT LED Shop Light is a reasonably priced option appropriate for sizable indoor spaces including garages, utility rooms, and workshops. The 2-Lamp fixture offers more than 80 CRI and 4,000 lumens at a color temperature of 4000K. With its linkable architecture and options for surface or suspended mounting, installation is quick and simple.

Howard Lighting DTDC-30HO-LED-120-A 30 Watt Dusk to Dawn Commercial High Output LED Light Fixture 4000K with 24IN Arm

A commercial dusk-to-dawn LED fixture by Howard Lighting, the DTDC-LED High Output Series, provides security lighting for homes, storage facilities, loading zones, and country roads. The High Output series uses only 30 Watts to produce 2,370 lumens with an efficiency of 80 lumens per watt. The light fixture has a chip-on-board LED that is energy-efficient and has a 50,000-hour lifespan. It is housed in a robust, powder-coated, die-cast aluminum casing with a gray UV-resistant finish. The provided hardware makes installation simple, and you may mount it directly to the wall or with an optional mounting arm.

Howard Lighting XAL-5220-LED-MV 220 Watt LED Area Light Fixture 120-277V Dimmable 5000K

This XAL Series LED Area Light is a great outdoor option for long-lasting performance. Features dimmable lights suitable for security, warehouses, parks, outdoor illumination, parking lots, hotels, and street lights and an ambient temperature rating of up to 40°C/104°F. It has a 5-year guarantee and an L70 life rating of 60,000 hours as a backup.

Howard Lighting HLA1HE1250XMV 220 Watt LED Flat 4 Foot Linear Highbay Fixture 120-277V Dimmable 5000K

This LED Highbay Fixture offers an energy-efficient option for various settings, including warehouses, factories, gyms, cafeterias, and auditoriums. Delivers 28,960 lumens with a 5-year warranty and up to 80% lumen maintenance at 60,000 hours.

Howard Lighting VSA8A432ASEMV000000I VSA8 4 Lamp T8 Fluorescent Enclosed Vapor Dust Water Proof Tight Light Fixture NSF IP67

The Howard Lighting VSA8 Series uses four lights and includes a Howard ballast as standard equipment. The eight-foot vapor-proof fluorescent strip has a closed-cell polyester gasket and is built of reinforced, corrosion-resistant fiberglass. Knockouts on both ends and simple access to the wiring compartment and ballast make installation simple.

Howard Lighting LCS8FT-6550MV 65 Watt 8 Ft LED Covered Strip Light Fixture Dimmable 5000K

The fluorescent strips are a straight replacement for this LED-covered strip light. It delivers ambient lighting to indoor locations like offices, hospitals, retail, and schools and has a long life with a 5-year warranty and 122,000 operating hours.

Shine Retrofits is committed to carrying brands we believe in and providing you with the best lighting products on the market for your home or business, including a vast selection of Howard Lighting products. Shine is ready to walk you through every step of your next lighting project. Our customer service team is available by phone at 1-877-948-5411 from 6 AM to 6 PM, Mountain Standard Time.