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Harris Lighting Makes a 60 Second Install LED Troffer Retrofit Kit

Screen_Shot_2014-06-26_at_4.06.09_PM-300x255Let's face it – retrofitting existing T8 and T12 fluorescent troffers to LED lighting is not usually easy. Most times the existing troffer has to be pulled out of the ceiling, which can cause quite a mess of debris and dirt all over whatever happens to be in the room. Plus you, your coworkers, and potentially your customers are now breathing in all that refuse, which is not healthy for anyone. There's also the chance you may have damaged or broken ceiling tiles when removing the old fixtures, causing you even more headache. And once you pull out all those old troffers, they're just going to end up sitting in a landfill, which is certainly not something an environmentally-conscious company wants to see happen.

However, what if we told you there was a new option out there of troffer LED retrofit that allowed you upgrade to LED lighting without needing to remove the existing troffers? That the troffer LED retrofit came completely assembled in one piece, allowing it be installed without the use of tools? And what if we told you it was such an easy install LED troffer that it could be done in less than one minute?


Chances are good you would tell us we were pulling your leg – that is, until we showed you the LED Door Retrofit LDR System from Harris Lighting, designed for use in offices, retail spaces, warehouses, and other industrial locations. This patent-pending product is the first LED troffer retrofit where everything is built into the door frame. That means the product arrives completely assembled and is ready to just be popped in and connected to the existing wiring. No tools are required – just the LDR system and a ladder to reach the ceiling.

The LDR System is proudly made in the USA, and available in three different wattage/lumen configurations for 2x4, 2x4 or 1x4 foot troffers, at the highest level using 47 watts of power. The product is built of durable extruded aluminum, providing excellent thermal management to keep the included Samsung LED chips running well. And the entire product is powder-coated either white or matte aluminum, depending on what you need for your project.

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The LEDs provide up to 96 lumens per watt, and light lasts for up to 70,000 hours at a 4000K color temperature. The product also uses a ultramodern diffusion lens to ensure light is dispersed uniformly. The lens is available in two types – cracked ice or opaque. Additionally, step dimming and optional built-in sensors are available, offering even greater energy savings over the life of the product.

As mentioned previously, the LDR System comes completely pre-assembled from the factory, including all power connectors. And its included adjustable hinges and latches allows the product to fit in almost all current troffers that have parabolic louvers or prismatic lenses.

In just eight simple, tool-less steps, you troffer LED retrofit will be complete in about one minute:

  • 1. Turn power off to the existing fixture you will be retrofitting.
  • 2. Remove the existing louver or door from the fixture.
  • 3. Take out and properly recycle the existing lamps.
  • 4. Remove the current ballast cover.
  • 5. Disconnect the ballast from the power.
  • 6. Insert the LDR System into fixture's bracket holes by using the adjustable hinges.
  • 7. Once in place, connect the LDR System to the power through the pre-wired modular power connector.
  • 8. Close the LDR System and secure it with the adjustable latches.

As you can see, the LDR System is seamlessly integrated within the existing troffer, so there is no need to make a mess by ripping out the existing troffer, causing ceiling fragments and debris – such as asbestos – to rain down. There's no fixture to throw away, keeping less from needing to go into a landfill. And there's no need to remove any ceiling panels or worry about breaking or damaging any of them.

And maintenance is just as easy thanks to the LDR System's modular design, providing quick release of the LED array and driver without any tools.

The entire LDR System is UL listed, and it is also UL wire rated for the necessary voltage and temperature. And you can feel confident knowing the Harris Lighting provides a one year standard warranty on the kid, and a five year warranty on the driver and LED board.

ShineRetrofits.com is proud to be working with a solid company like Harris Lighting. For almost 50 years, the company has proven itself a leader in the energy efficient lighting market thanks to innovative designs and technologies. Everything Harris Lighting does is in line with their mission of being a Green Company and doing everything they can to help the world around them.

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