Shine Retrofits offers a wide variety of outdoor lighting products for your various outdoor applications. You can find Sylvania Lighting products, Lithonia Lighting products as well as several other well known brands on our website.  We provide high quality products for a number of commercial outdoor lighting areas and include a variety of different technologies like fluorescent, CFL, LED, and induction outdoor light fixtures. Shine Retrofits is dedicated to being your source for outdoor light fixtures that help save you money and ensure less maintenance in your outdoor spaces.

We are happy to share some of our various Sylvania Lighting products and Lithonia Lighting products with you. Also available is our complete guide of outdoor lighting products on Shine Retrofits.

Sylvania 72992 SLMWPK1A/040347750/CO/BZ DLC Qualified 40 Watt LED Slim Wall Pack Light Fixture 347V 5000K

This Sylvania Lighting 40 Watt LED Slim Wall Pack produces 4300 Lumens.  It is an energy savings alternative to traditional HID or Incandescent fixtures and is suitable for many building exteriors, outdoor corridors, walkways and stairwells.  It is a low maintenance option with a  5-year warranty and an average life rating of 125,000 hours.

Sylvania SLMFLD1A/100UNV DLC Qualified 100 Watt LED Slim Floodlight Fixture Wide Flood Distribution Trunnion Mount 175-250W HPS/MH Equivalent

This Slim Floodlight is a trouble-free option carrying a 5-year warranty and an average life rating of 150,000 hours.  Compact and lightweight, this design can be used in landscape, wall wash, facade, sign and general lighting.  It is a perfect solution for outdoor lighting with its wide distribution, delivering 12,300 Lumens light output, using only 100W.

Lithonia Lighting ESX1 P4 Series Adjustable Light Output Bronze LED Area Light Fixture Type 3 Optics

This Lithonia Lighting outdoor light fixture provides the combination of best product value, best price and best delivery.  It is ideal for one-for-one replacement of HID area lighting.  All ESX luminaires feature adjustable light output, providing two light levels from one product, which allows greater flexibility while helping reduce inventory costs. The luminaires also feature a reversible arm that allows for mounting on both round and square poles.

Lithonia Lighting OLLWU LED P1 40K MVOLT DDB M6 14 Watt LED Outdoor Wall Cylinder Up and Downlight Dark Bronze

This outdoor light fixture is a great option for residential or commercial applications such as walkways, stairways and for security lighting.  The Lithonia Lighting LED Wall Cylinder delivers 940 lumens of 4000K light.   An energy saving option, this downward pointing entrance light uses less power and boasts a 50,000 hour life.

Juno Lighting 14 BBL 4-Inch Recessed Baffle Trim, Black Baffle with Black Trim

This Juno 4-Inch Line Voltage Recessed Baffle Trim is perfect for recreational areas, hallways or any outdoor area where general or task lighting is needed.  It offers a tapered trim ring, enabling it to blend with the ceiling.  This outdoor light fixture is wet location approved when used with outdoor rated lamps and is easy to install into Juno Housings.

RAB Lighting HAZXLED42 42W LED Ceiling Mount Hazardous Location Fixture 5000K

This RAB outdoor light fixture is Class 1, Division 2 suitable in locations in which flammable gases or vapors may be present.   Often used in petroleum refineries, aircraft hangars and dry cleaning plants, this outdoor lighting fixture is also compatible in utility gas plants or storage areas for liquified petroleum or natural gas. It is an energy efficient hazardous location fixture and has a durable housing that is also resistant to shock and vibration. Supported by a 5 year warranty, this product also provides a long and safe operation for 100,000 hours.

CREE Lighting TRVXL DLC Premium Extra Large Traveyo LED Street Light Fixture

This entry-level street and area light fixture delivers solid performance.  It comes with a 5 year limited warranty and a better than expected lighting experience.  Lumen output ranges from 2360 - 32600 and wattage ranges from 17 219 W.

Howard Lighting LSF-CMV 460 Watt DLC Premium LED Sports Flood Light Fixture 120-277V

Howard’s LSF Flood Lights are designed for outdoor sports lighting.  They produce a very high output and efficiency with very little glare.  This outdoor light fixture is ideal for large areas, and interior or outdoor sports.  The rugged and weather tight design ensures durability even in harsh environments.

Shine Retrofits is your outdoor lighting expert.  We offer a wide variety of outdoor lamps and outdoor light fixtures from the best manufacturers in the lighting industry, including top names such as Sylvania Lighting and Lithonia Lighting. We carry something for nearly every outdoor application including sign and billboard lighting, wall pack fixtures, as well as parking lot and canopy fixtures.   If you have any questions about the outdoor lighting options that we offer on, or about any of our lighting products, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team. Our lighting experts are waiting to guide you through the process of purchasing outdoor lighting.  We are available anytime Monday through Friday, from 6am to 6pm Mountain Standard Time.  Call 1-800-983-1315 for help with your outdoor lighting project today.