Colortree Group of Richmond, VA Saves Energy and Money by Switching from HPS Using An Induction Retrofit

Shine Retrofits recently partnered with Energy Innovators LLC of Richmond, VA to retrofit the outdoor warehouse area for a Richmond printing company, Colortree Group. Colortree replaced existing HPS fixtures using induction retrofit kits.

For the project, Colortree retrofitted their parking area and sidewalk lighting with Neptun Light 80 Watt Oval Bulb Type Induction Retrofit Kits. The existing fixtures were shoebox style with 150 watt metal halide lamps. Before that, they also retrofitted loading dock pole lighting with Neptun Light 39200-UNV 200 Watt 16″ Square Flood Induction Fixtures. The existing pole light fixtures were 400 watt HPS lamps.

Aside from reducing fixture wattage, Colortree will save energy and money by using the newer, more efficient retrofits. These will reduce operational and maintenance costs. In addition, their light quality is significantly better, as they are now able to see the writing on their trucks. Overall, Colortree was very pleased and impressed with the outcome of the project. See below for some before and after photos.

High Pressure Sodium street light 400w before the induction retrofit Before - High Pressure Sodium
200w shoebox street light after the induction retrofit After - Induction


About the Companies: is your complete source for commercial energy efficient lighting products, design, and services. Energy Innovators LLC is based in Richmond, VA. They serve to create customized, efficient energy systems for industrial, commercial, institutional, agricultural and domestic facilities. Colortree Group is a printing operation in Virginia. They make envelopes for large customers like UPS and Capital One.

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