Shine Retrofits partners with City Electric and NACCO Construction to provide a new energy efficient lighting system for Owens & Minor of Denver, CO.

Owens & Minor has recently completed a distribution warehouse renovation project in Denver, CO to incorporate their growing business. Shine Retrofits has been chosen by the general contractor North American Commercial Construction Company (NACCO) of Dallas, TX and City Electric of Louisville, CO. The job entails providing a full energy efficient lighting system. That includes the products, design, rebate administration, and financial and energy analysis for the facility.

owens and minor warehouse with old dark lighting

The project consists of combining two existing distribution areas within the building. This would double the square footage of the new warehouse to over 90,000 sq ft. Each previous space had different lighting layouts and fixtures. One had 400 Watt High Bay HID fixtures in its space and 8 ft T12 HO strip fixtures in the other. Each of these types of lighting systems are outdated by today's energy efficiency standards. All these existing fixtures are removed and replaced with new optimally placed Howard Lighting T5 HO fixtures. They are placed throughout the facility using a custom layout designed by Shine Retrofits.

warehouse lighting design blueprintEnergy Efficient Lighting For Safety

The custom lighting design incorporates many of the facility's needs. These include racking systems, conveyer belt operating areas, loading docks, employee safety, and energy savings. The light levels throughout the facility have now doubled or tripled, depending on the needs of specific areas. Narrow reflectors on some of the new light fixtures were used in very narrow aisles to maximum the light emitted to the ground. The conveyor system needed its own specific lighting layout to incorporate high light levels so that employees will have more than enough light to stay safe.

To maximize energy savings, fixture-mount occupancy sensors were used on fixtures to automatically turn them off. When forklifts or people are not utilizing that area of the facility, they switch off. When combining the sensors with the new energy efficient T5HO fixtures, the company will save over 109,000 kWh of energy use per year, all while drastically increasing their light levels and quality.

Shine Retrofits additionally administered the utility rebate application process and was able to get Owens & Minor over $19,000 in energy efficient lighting rebates through Xcel Energy's Lighting Efficiency program.

Owens and minor warehouse with old lighting Before
owens & minor warehouse with old lighting Before
owens and minor warehouse with new energy efficient lighting After
owens and minor warehouse with new energy efficient lighting After

About the Companies: is your complete source for commercial energy efficient lighting products, design, and services. Owens & Minor is a supplier of a wide array of medical products, backed up with supply chain consulting and e-business solutions for healthcare customers.  City Electric is a professional electrical contracting company in Colorado. They provided the complete installation of this new energy efficient lighting system. The North American Commercial Construction Company (NACCO) based out of Dallas, TX provides full commercial construction and contracting services nationwide.

If you have interest in learning more about the benefits of a lighting retrofit project, please contact us here. Or give us a call at 1-800-983-1315.