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Lithonia Lighting, an Acuity Brands company, is a giant in the energy efficient lighting world. Lithonia has been producing lighting products for over 60 years, and still offers the largest range of lighting fixtures and fittings in the industry.

Lithonia has created a beautiful and practical line of fixtures that utilize LED technology for architectural, industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential lighting installations. LED lighting has been proven to be many times more efficient then traditional lighting options, such as fluorescent or incandescent, which can significantly lower energy usage. In fact, the money saved on energy bills will quickly offset the cost of LED installation. In addition to their focus on energy efficient LED lighting, Lithonia is also committed to developing sustainable lighting solutions that offer advanced lighting technology.

Shine Retrofit stocks a large selection of Lithonia Lighting products, as we value the high quality and affordable options available from the brand. We've selected three key product lines to feature, which offer great solutions for your next energy saving lighting project. The three product lines come with a wide range of benefits that can help your business save money. Explore the options below to find the perfect product for your light efficient design needs.

EPANL Series

Lithonia’s EPANL Series includes a range of fully luminous flat panel fixtures. The EPANL luminaires provide a low profile and attractive lighting solution. The panel itself boasts a depth of just 2 inches, making it a great option for locations where plenum depth is limited.

The EPANL series is designed to create a comfortable work environment. To create the perfect lighting for each project, EPANL luminaires can be adjusted with the standard 1-10V dimming option. Every flat panel fixture also includes a fully luminous lens to eliminate glare and ensure the best possible lighting from each fixture.

EPANL fully luminous flat panels are constructed using aluminum to provide strength and long-term durability. Each panel is welded, sanded, painted, and finished with a white satin lens. The solid construction eliminates light leakage and creates a high quality finish that gives your lighting installation a high-end feel.


  • - Easy access to electrical compartment—All EPANL luminaires feature an access panel on the back of the fixture for ease of installation
  • - Available in three sizes and two lumen options: 3400L (2x2) and 4000L (1x4 and 2x4)
  • - Multiple configuration choices
  • - Long-life LEDs offering minimum of 60,000 hours output
  • - MVOLT 120-277V
  • - Suspension mount and surface mount compatible
  • - IP5x rated for dust and insect protection
  • - DLC qualified and eligible for utility rebates

The EPANL series offers a great combination of benefits, including high-energy efficiency, beautiful low profile design, and easy installation. Browse through our selection of EPANL series products using our online catalog.

GTL Series

The GTL Series is a line of recessed LED troffers. These general-purpose troffers offer a budget-friendly way to make the switch to energy efficient lighting technology. The GTL range provides a selection of low-cost options that offer both flexibility and value.

GTL LED troffers are designed to offer an economical option for both new installation and retrofit projects. GTL Series troffers offer a cost-effective solution that can be used in place of general-purpose fluorescent lighting. The troffers are available in three sizes and multiple configurations, giving you the flexibility to find the perfect lighting solution for the space. Whether it’s in an office, school, or commercial setting, these LED lighting troffers will provide an energy-efficient, long-life lighting solution that will lower energy bills and reduce maintenance needs.

Key Features

  • - Available in multiple sizes: 1x4, 2x2, and 2x4
  • - Comes in a range of configurations
  • - Combination of LEDs and high-efficiency drivers extend bulb life to 90% lumen output for 60,000 hours
  • - eldoLED driver options offer choice of dimming range and flicker-free performance

To explore the GTL Series range of general-purpose, full lens troffers, visit our online catalog now. You’ll find a range of energy-efficient LED troffers with prices to suit all budgets and light efficient design projects!

BLT Series

The BLT Series is a range of great value, low profile luminaires. The fixtures in the BLT Series offer a clean and modern solution for your recessed lighting needs. These luminaires boast a shallow fixture depth and plug-n-play control options, making them a great choice if you’re looking for easy to install lighting options for your next commercial project.

The fixture components are designed and constructed to improve the performance and efficiency of the luminaire. Lithonia use die-casting to ensure the consistency of internal components and polyester powder paint to provide a protective coating. The use of efficiency-improving materials continues into the lens production, which is coated with reflective matte paint to enhance light diffusion. Molded acrylic end pieces and optional trim rings are used to give the luminaires a sleek look. The BLT range is not just aesthetically pleasing; it also offers a range of energy efficient benefits. BLT luminaires partner long-life LEDs with high-efficiency drivers to provide 60,000 hours of flicker free lighting.

Key Features:

  • - Lifetime of 60,000 hours at 80% LED lumen output
  • - Choice of dimming range through eldoLED driver
  • - Integrated nLight controls allow luminaire to connect with other nLight controls
  • - Dimmer and occupancy switch compatible
  • - Onboard intelligence to maintain lumen output (optional)
  • - Low profile design of 2 3/8”
  • - Fits standard 15/16” and narrow 9/16” T-grid ceiling systems
  • - Can be used in damp locations

The BLT Series offers a great value lighting solution that is suitable for a wide variety of lighting installations. The large range of features, combined with the low profile and sleek design, make this range a great choice for people who need flexibility and style from their lighting solution. View the BLT range in our online store.

Finding the Right Lighting Option for Your Next Project

With products from the EPANL Series, GTL Series, and BTL Series from Lithonia Lighting, you’re sure to find an energy efficient lighting solution to meet the needs of your light efficient design. Browse through our online catalog to compare products. If you have questions about specific products or would like advice choosing the right fixture, please feel free to contact our lighting experts today!