Arcadia brand spotlight parking lot pole lighting

At Shine Retrofits, we are proud to carry products from the best lighting manufacturers in the world. Our catalog of LED lights for both indoor and outdoor applications offer a product for every kind of project, from new lighting installations to energy-efficient LED retrofits.

One of the premier manufacturers that Shine Retrofits features in our lighting catalog is Arcadia Lights. Arcadia is the newest addition to our catalog. 

Arcadia Lighting is a high-tech LED manufacturer based out of Houston, Texas. They serve the whole North American market, providing the best in commercial LED solutions for a variety of indoor and outdoor uses. As a wholesale lighting manufacturer, Arcadia supports new construction and retrofit lighting projects at all phases of development, from design and analysis all the way through to implementation.

Arcadia Lighting also offers a revolutionary cloud-based project management platform that helps them focus on providing premium quality and support to their customers and partners. This is why we at Shine Retrofits value Arcadia Lights so highly. We know that their products are backed by integrity and a high degree of craftsmanship and ingenuity. Every Arcadia LED light we sell is a light that we believe will make your commercial indoor or outdoor space better equipped for the future.

LED lights are the future of the lighting industry. Their combination of energy efficiency, reliability, and long lifespans offers you the best solution to lighting needs for a variety of buildings and applications. Whether you need to light a parking lot, parking garage, outdoor area, or walkway, chances are that there is a LED lighting option for you.

For this brand spotlight, this blog is going to focus on some of the best products that we offer from Arcadia. These include their line of efficient outdoor LED lights, which offer premier illumination while also cutting costs for your business and organization. Some of the outdoor lights this blog is going to focus on our outdoor area lighting, security lighting, and floodlights.

Arcadia Outdoor Lighting

Arcadia manufactures a wide range of LED products made for outdoor area lighting. Arcadia’s outdoor area and site lighting provide premier lighting for parking lots and other outdoor parking areas. Since parking areas often are heavy energy users, with lights left on overnight and for long periods of time, buying energy-efficient LEDs from a manufacturer like Arcadia will help your business or organization save money.

Plus, Arcadia’s premier LEDs boast long life spans, which means you’ll spend less on maintenance and won’t have to replace your lights as often. Many of Arcadia’s LED outdoor site and area lights last up to 100,000 hours. Plus, their lights are of such high quality that you’ll get top performance from every single one of those 100,000 hours.

One great outdoor LED light that Arcadia offers is the ALGX series of area and site LEDs. It boasts precision die-cast aluminum housing equipped with stainless steel fasteners and is suitable for 26 to 40-foot mounting heights. Its application possibilities are numerous, allowing it to be easily installed on round poles, square poles, or walls.

The ALGX series of LED outdoor lights is another Arcadia light rated to last 100,00 hours. Plus, this LED is rated to operate in wet conditions and is also DLC-certified. On top of all this, it’s backed by a full 5-year warranty from Arcadia.

Arcadia Security Lighting

Security lighting you can count on is essential for any business. Arcadia manufactures several different series of LED security lights that are perfect for illuminating and protecting the outdoor areas around your building.

Take the Arcadia ADD series. This LED security light is made of rugged die-cast aluminum housing ready-made for all types of extreme environments. It’s made to be able to be mounted to any vertical pole or wall, which means you can be flexible in where you locate these lights in your outdoor space.

Another plus to the Arcadia ADD series LED security light is its frosted acrylic lens, which ensures even light distribution in your outdoor area while also cutting down glare. With this Arcadia light, you’ll have a secure outdoor space for your business, day or night, without any distracting glare to interrupt your activities. The ADD series also comes with a full 5-year warranty.

Arcadia Floodlights

Arcadia Lighting also manufactures a range of LED floodlights that are perfect for high-powered, energy-efficient illumination. Their FLCX series is DLC-certified and constructed from a premium die-cast aluminum housing, which is pre-treated and powder coated for extra strength.

Arcadia’s optics technology combines vertical and horizontal illumination within the FLCX floodlights, leading to more consistent light coverage that also reduces backlights. The maximum life span and performance of this LED floodlight is ensured with the high-performance acrylic optic and internal heat sink. In the end, this light is estimated to last 100,000 hours, and also has a full 5-year warranty backing it.

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