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  1. Why Hotels Should Make the Switch to LED Lighting

    Why Hotels Should Make the Switch to LED Lighting

    If you’ve ever worked in the hotel industry, you know that there are a number of fixed costs that go along with operating a hotel. The fixed costs that you just can’t avoid are generally heating/cooling and lighting, which is due to the nature of how a hotel operates as a business. Certain lights have to be kept on whether...

  2. Why You Should Switch To LED Parking Lot Lighting

    Why You Should Switch To LED Parking Lot Lighting

    Parking lot and parking garage lights are some of the biggest energy users for the public and private sectors, which makes them a prime candidate for upgrading to LED technology. Switching out your conventional High-intensity discharge (HID), metal halide (MH), or halogen lamps for energy-efficient LEDs can make a huge difference in how much your organization spends on energy, redefining...

  3. Outdoor Lighting for Homes and Businesses

    Outdoor Lighting for Homes and Businesses

      Fall is well on its way all across the country. The days are getting shorter, which always means that you’ll be keeping the lights on for longer. That can mean a noticeable increase in your energy bill, especially for outdoor lighting around your home or business. Fall is a great season to do an assessment of your outdoor lighting...

  4. Sylvania Brand Spotlight

    Sylvania Brand Spotlight

    When it comes to commitment to lighting excellence, SYLVANIA is a brand that you can depend on. As one of the major players in both production and advancement of LED lighting, they are on the cutting edge of innovation, helping to create the next generation of energy-efficient lights for commercial and residential applications as well as providing key products to...

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