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  1. LED Dimmers: The Complete Guide

    LED Dimmers: The Complete Guide

    LED Bulbs have become a standard in the lighting industry for their various advantages over other traditional lighting products. Unlike traditional inscadescent bulbs, LED lights are more energy efficient and long-lasting with 50,000 hours of light as opposed to an incandescents 1,000 hours. According to the U.S department of energy, LED lights can help you improve energy savings by up...

  2. The History of Outdoor Lighting

    The History of Outdoor Lighting

    Outdoor lighting makes tasks such as walking at nighttime, navigating roads safely, and protecting your home against intruders easier and safer. It wasn’t until the 18th century that artificial lighting became accessible to people and the world has changed for the better ever since. We are a lucky generation living in modern times with a wide range of technological advancements...

  3. Warehouse and Industrial Lighting Applications

    Warehouse and Industrial Lighting Applications

    Shine Retrofits offers a wide variety of warehouse lighting and industrial lighting for your various warehouse lighting and industrial lighting applications. You can find Sylvania Lighting products, Lithonia Lighting products as well as several other well known brands on our website.  We provide high quality products for a number of industrial contractors and included is a variety of different technologies...

  4. Decorative Lighting Products

    Decorative Lighting Products

    Shine Retrofits is the source for electrical contractor’s decorative lighting needs. Brands such as RAB Lighting and Lithonia, as well as several others, provide many quality options for your various decorative lighting applications. We carry the leading decorative LED and fluorescent light fixtures available to complement any area and strive to offer a variety of shapes and sizes to provide...

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