Man using LED dimmer switch

One of the first questions that people who are unfamiliar with LED technology ask is: are all dimmer switches compatible with LED lights? The easy answer to that question is no, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of options available for dimmable LEDs. 

That’s the reason that if you’re looking for LED lighting with dimming functionality, you have to make sure you do your research and buy an LED product manufactured with dimming in mind. If you’re currently searching for an LED light fixture, and are considering buying one with dimming functionality, then keep reading this blog to find out more.

In this blog, we’re first going to talk about dimming switches in general, and why they can help you save money on energy.


Dimming Switches

Dimming switches have been utilized in the lighting industry for a long time. It’s likely you have at least one dimmer in your home or business, and that you use the dimmer on a consistent basis. For those who want to change the brightness in their living space and control power usage depending on the available natural light or to match the mood in different scenarios, dimming is absolutely essential.

After all, there are so many factors that must be taken into account when lighting a space. How are people using the space? How much light do they need to accomplish their task (i.e. reading, typing, computer work)? What amount of natural light is available? First, ask yourself these questions before you determine if you need to buy dimming-compatible LED lighting or LED-compatible dimmer switches.

Dimming becomes important when one space is put to multiple uses. As is often the case in today’s world, people use the same room for a variety of purposes (work, leisure, cooking, etc…). One might need bright light for work purposes at one point in the day and then switch to a softer, warmer light after they’ve finished with work and need a well-deserved break.

This goes for both residential and commercial lighting uses. Workers in your restaurant, retail, or office space might want to adjust the light to better serve the needs of clients, customers, and employees, leading to a better experience overall for everyone using the space.

Nowadays, dimming switches can be automated with smart lighting systems to provide even more hands-on lighting control. People can dim and brighten their lights based on automated schedules, available light, or manually through a smartphone or computer app. Without an LED light designed with dimming capability, though, you’ll be unable to take advantage of the benefits of changing your lighting’s visual power. The first step to taking advantage of dimming is to determine if your dimmer switches and LED lights are compatible with each other. 


Most LEDs Are Manufactured With Dimming Capability

Some may assume that all LED lights come equipped with some sort of dimming capability built in, but this isn’t true. Though most LED lights on the market today are capable of being dimmed, you might still accidentally purchase one without dimming capability, which would be quite disappointing if this is a function that is important to you.

The first way to tell if an LED has dimming capability is the information on the packaging. There are a few packaging icons that you should look out for when searching for dimmable LED lighting. Here is a list of some of the dimming ratings you might see:

  • Dimmable 0 - 10v
  • Dimmable 1 - 10v
  • Dimmable Triac
  • Dimmable
  • Dimmer Not Recommended

Another problem with dimmable LED lights is that they sometimes require different dimmers than technologies like incandescents offer. Knowing which dimmer goes with each wall switch or dimming driver can get confusing for the average consumer. There’s nothing more frustrating than buying a light you think will work with your dimmer, only to find out it’s not compatible. This leaves you thinking: How do I tell if a dimmer is LED compatible?


Dimming Products Compatible with LED Lights

When looking at dimming products, the easiest way to tell if it is compatible with LED bulbs is to consult the product’s manufacturer spec sheet or dimmer compatibility sheet. These should be available on the product page of any online store. If you’re shopping in person, the packaging should list whether or not the dimmer is compatible with LED lights. If no information is provided, consult an employee at the store for more information on dimmer compatibility.

To help in your search, we’ve picked out a few of our favorite LED compatible dimming products for you. These products are all able to be used with LED lights, and not only offer you unmatched quality and incredible energy efficiency but also feature easy-to-use dimming controls that will allow you to control the atmosphere of your building’s spaces.

For retail and restaurant businesses that rely on ambient lighting to attract and retain customers, the need for quality dimmable lighting is even more vital. Without the ability to turn lights up or down depending on the time of day and the use of the space, it would be incredibly difficult to run a successful business.

With most LED products, it will be listed in the product specifications if the light is dimming capable. On the flip side, any quality dimmer wall switch will list whether or not it is able to be used with LED lights.

The first product we want to highlight is the Sensorworx SWX-103-D dimming wall switch sensor. This wall switch features both passive infrared sensing and a manual switch, allowing you to choose how you want to use the product. Using a shallow, simple design, this occupancy sensor allows you to maximize your LED lighting functionality without getting in the way.

This Sensorworx occupancy sensor is compatible with basically every lighting technology available today, including LED, fluorescent, and incandescent lighting. It allows you to save energy by minimizing the amount of time your lights are being used when rooms are not in use. With the addition of dimming functionality, you can get your lighting to just the right power with this sensor’s easy controls.

If you have any questions about dimmer switches for LED bulbs or any other lighting product, please reach out to us. Our team of lighting experts at Shine Retrofits can walk you through the process of buying new LED fixtures, retrofits, or wall switches for your home or business. Please call our customer service team at 1-800-983-1315 anytime Monday through Friday, 6am to 6pm, Mountain Standard Time. We can’t wait to hear from you!