Allanson InternationalShine Retrofits is the commercial electrical contractor’s go-to source for Allanson lighting products. Explore our extensive online catalog to find Allanson LED products, ballasts, LED retrofits, and lighting components. Allanson International prides themselves on delivering high-quality LED solutions as well as environmental electrics. Allanson has evolved into an innovator in lighting technologies, providing some of the best LED lamps, LED retrofits, and lighting components on the market today.

We are delighted to share some of our favorite Allanson International lighting products with you. Take a look at our complete guide of products all available on Shine

Allanson ALDF-120 120 Inch LEDrofit Retrofit Sign Lighting System - Replaces T12 Fluorescent Lamp

This 120 inch Retrofit Lighting System has a sleek clean finish with a aluminum based structure that allows for continuous heat dissipation. Comes equipped with an insulated adaptor that mounts directly into current existing lamp sockets for simple and fast replacement of T12 Fluorescent lamps. Additionally, it’s available in two versions for single or double sided sign applications.

Allanson SS435OX ALUMA-PAK Outdoor SS Neon Power Supply (2-4 K.Voltz/35 mA)(Outdoor)

The Aluma-Pak SS Neon Power Supply displays a low profile and solid fill providing maximum water resistance for outdoor neon tube letter applications. The output voltage is adjustable with overload and surge protection. Certified UL and cUL 2162 compliant with a backup of 2 year warranty.

Allanson 1530FPX120 R Neon Transformer Unitran Protector-X (15 K.Volts/30 mA)(Indoor)

Allanson’s Unitran Protector-X Neon Transformer exhibits exceptional functionality and performance in all grounding conditions. This indoor transformer operates at 15kV per 30 mA. With three automatic re-settings and automatic memory reset, these features eliminate nuisance tripping and unnecessary service calls.

Allanson 1230BPX120 R Neon Transformer Protector-X (12 K.Volts/30 mA)(Outdoor)

Allanson’s Protector-X Neon Transformer features exceptional performance in every grounding condition. This outdoor non weather-proof transformer functions at 12kV per 30 mA. Equipped with one size hardware, one size fits all tool and same case and footprint.

Allanson EESB-0250-16L-120-277V 1-6 Lamp Fluorescent Ballast - EESB Instant Start - High Output 120-277V

This EESB Series Fluorescent Ballast is compatible with T12 HO, T8 HO and Slimline Lamps. The EESB-0250-16L-120-277V model supports up to 6 lamps with maximum input of 410/404/402/402 Watts. Available in 120V and multi-voltage 120-277V and operates at a low line voltage so brown outs don’t affect it.

Allanson 930CPX120 R Neon Transformer Protector-X (9 K.Volts/30 mA)(Outdoor)

This 930CPX120 R Protector-X is a one size fits all hardware tool and low-maintenance Neon Transformer. Featuring outstanding performance in all grounding conditions with automatic memory reset and bypass service button for simplified fault finding.

Allanson ALDF-120 120 Inch LEDrofit Retrofit Sign Lighting System - Replaces T12 Fluorescent Lamp

This Retrofit Sign Lighting System supports a diamond shape sturdy housing allowing for a wider beam, angled for even and balanced illumination, and elimination of hot spots. True retrofit- mounts minimum 6” from sign face and is spaced at 12” centers.

Allanson SS935OX ALUMA-PAK Outdoor SS Neon Power Supply (2-9 K.Voltz/35 mA)(Outdoor)

Allanson’s Aluma-Pak Outdoor SS Neon Power Supply is a metal-packed power supply capable of maximum water resistance in any and all neon tube letter application. Energy saver and quality approved with UL and CSA certifications. The most advanced ground fault circuit protection technology on the market.

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