The National Western Stock Show is typically teeming with life, as cowgirls and cowboys come from around the West to compete in top level rodeo events. Established in 1906, the Stock Show has long been one of Colorado's premier tourist destinations, where spectators celebrate American roots and farming traditions. This spectacle is an exciting event, and the lighting of the show is of utmost importance. They recently learned what lighting rebate funding could do to make a difference in their facility.

LED retrofit at Denver stock show replacing 400w HIDs with 120w 3bl corn lamps using rebate funding Compare the old lights with the new 120W Corn Lamps from 3BL in the photo above.

Clearer viewing with the help of electric utility rebate funding

This September, 3BL LED (sold on worked with the Stock Show to upgrade their existing lighting for the arena. Working with the local electric utility, the management at the National Western Stock Show found that they were eligible for up to $600,000 in rebate funding. This allowed them to retrofit the lighting with energy-efficient LEDs in and around the venue, all while having the electric utility foot a lot of the bill. To get started, the facility is replacing 400W metal halide HIDs in the arena. These were actually pulling 458 watts of energy, while this is certainly not efficient by 2016 standards! With the guidance of Erin Shine, they replaced them with 120 watt 3BL corn lamps. The result was crisper and brighter light, allowing for 72% in energy savings!

3BL will also help to replace 47 400W HID fixtures in the middle of the arena with 150 watt LED UFO style fixtures. With an installation time of less than 10 minutes per fixture, the lights are 40-50% brighter. Meanwhile, the Stock Show saves 67% of their energy costs. See the next 3BL fixture on the right in the image below, and you can already notice the color quality.

3bl UFO light fixture at the Denver Stock Show

This lighting retrofit project is a win all around. The National Western Stock Show is saving close to 50% on lighting energy costs using electric utility rebates. Looking forward, and the fans will have crisper and brighter light to view the action.

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