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Archives: September 2023

  1. RAB Lighting Downlight Retrofits

    RAB Lighting Downlight Retrofits

    What is Downlight Retrofit Lighting? RAB Lighting downlights are a newer family of products, introduced in 2020. Retrofitting is a process of adding a modern component to an existing item. Retrofit downlight is a type of lighting fixture that is designed to replace or upgrade existing recessed lighting fixtures, specifically, those with incandescent or older fluorescent technology. For recessed downlighting...

  2. RAB Lighting Fixtures in the Wind

    RAB Lighting Fixtures in the Wind

    What happens to Light fixtures in the wind? How does RAB Lighting use engineering on their designs to combat severe winds? We’ve all heard about severe wind and hurricanes across the country. Fortunately, there are modern solutions to help minimize damage – one of which has to do with lighting fixtures. Factors in Air Flow How does air flow around...

  3. The Importance of Street Lamps & RAB Lighting

    The Importance of Street Lamps & RAB Lighting

    Street lamps play a vital role in modern urban and rural infrastructure, offering numerous benefits and serving a multitude of purposes. Benefits include enhancing road safety, minimizing crime and creating a better flow of traffic. In keeping in line with the quality they are known for, RAB Lighting offers the necessary accessories for every street pole. RAB Lighting has extended...

  4. The Manufacturing Process of a Fluorescent Light Bulb

    The Manufacturing Process of a Fluorescent Light Bulb

    The invention of the light bulb has illuminated our world in ways previously thought impossible. The simple act of flipping a switch to dispel darkness is a testament to human innovation. Yet, the intricate process behind creating these beacons of light often goes unnoticed. From crafting the delicate glass shell to integrating the pivotal internal components, the production of light...

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