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Archives: August 2019

  1. What is the difference between Direct Lit and Edge Lit LED Flat Panels?

    What is the difference between Direct Lit and Edge Lit LED Flat Panels?

    Direct lit and Edge lit LED Flat Panels are all the rage these days for retrofitting ceiling lighting. They are particularly ideal for replacing in-ceiling troffers, and they come in many common grid sizes like 1x4, 2x2, and 2x4. That is not all they are good for, though. New LED technology allows these flat panels to be manufactured very thin, down to a half inch. This means they can be mounted to walls and ceilings or suspended from cables. This new technology allows a versatility in lighting design that has not been available in the past, and can really open up the options you have for how you want to light your space. When it comes to lighting a commercial operation or office building, LED flat panels can offer solutions to many different lighting problems. Once you try them out, you may find that you want to replace all your lighting with LED flat panels, and we wouldn’t blame you.

  2. Corn Lamps: What Are They & Where Can I Use Them?

    Corn Lamps: What Are They & Where Can I Use Them?

    Upgrade your post tops and bollards with corn lamps for a cost-saving solution. Are you in need of a quick and easy solution to convert your outdoor lighting to energy-efficient LEDs? Look no further than LED Corn Lamps. These bulb-shaped lamps are packed with hundreds of individual light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that are all fixed to a metal heat-dissipation element. At up to 75% more efficient than metal halide, high-pressure sodium, or incandescent bulbs, corn lamps are quickly becoming an obvious solution for those looking to retrofit their lighting with efficient LEDs, saving money on your energy bill while also getting the high-quality outdoor lighting that you need for your home or business. LED corn lamps are a great solution for highway lighting, street lights, and bollard pathway lighting, among a host of other applications. To help you gather information on the corn lamps, we’ve provided an explanation of what they are and what you should look for in a quality LED corn lamp product. Please read on for more information.

  3. The Four Best LED Flat Panel Light Fixtures

    The Four Best LED Flat Panel Light Fixtures

    The simple fact that light emitting diodes are generally smaller than their incandescent and fluorescent predecessors allows for manufacturers of LED technology to design and implement a multitude of new shapes and forms for their latest light fixtures. As the very fundamentals of what constitutes lighting design shifts and changes with the market viability of LEDs, it is highly likely we are going to see more and more products challenging the status quo and trying out new designs. Many of these are going to be new takes on traditional lighting fixtures, but some will probably be fresh ideas that cleverly utilize the form and function of LEDs. Regardless, it’s an exciting time to be in lighting, and here at Shine Retrofits we want to guide you through the vast catalog of lighting products available today, helping you to find the best in new LED lighting. One of the new lines of products that is reworking the very way we think about lighting fixtures is the LED flat panel category. These modern LED flat panel light fixtures are designed to be installed in applications where you would typically use a fluorescent troffer, as well as with some new applications designed specifically around their new dimensions, which are much flatter and more streamlined than many of the traditional fixtures used commonly in the past. In a nutshell, these LED flat panel lights are going to change a lot of things in the industry. The big difference between a flat panel and a troffer is the depth of the fixture. While a typical fluorescent troffer will be around 3-4" deep, new edge-lit flat panels are around a half inch thick, which is a big difference when it comes to lighting fixtures. As you can imagine, this opens up many new possibilities in where you can place lighting in the various spaces in your building. If you’re looking for new fixtures that will redefine your lighting design, then edge-lit LED flat panels may be just the light for you. When making a decision between troffers and flat panels, you have to take stock of all the advantages and disadvantages that each product will offer you. That’s why we’ve put together a list of LED flat panel fixtures we think are the best on the market, helping you discern whether you want to try out the new technology or stick with the old troffer style of fixtures. First, we’ll address questions about the differences between the two types of fixtures.

  4. Color Temperatures: When To Use Different Kelvin Levels?

    Color Temperatures: When To Use Different Kelvin Levels?

    If you have read our page about the meaning of color temperature, you understand that the Kelvin rating on a light bulb or fixture indicates the shade of white light that emits from that source. Just as sunlight transitions from orange shades in the morning and evening to blues during the middle of the day, artificial lights also emit a...

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