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Free Shipping For Orders Over $95
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  • Jeremy Dodge
    February 24, 2017
    Bulk Pricing For Lighting Products Now Available in Pallet Quantities
    bulk pricing on pallet of lighting products Pallets are easier to ship, so bulk pricing discounts can be offered.

    In an effort to provide the best pricing possible to their customers, ShineRetrofits.com has begun offering pricing for pallets of products. Working with manufacturers to achieve special considerations the Shine buying team has created an entire section of products that can be purchased at a special rate. With this new section, the staff at Shine Retrofits hopes that this will be a convenience for their business shoppers who might be making a purchase for an entire building or new construction site.


    Bulk Pricing and Pallet Shipping Helps Manufacturers

    Manufacturers appreciate the opportunity to ship entire pallets at a time. It saves a tremendous amount of resources both for shipping and for labor costs. Most manufacturer's store their products on pallets. Therefore, the ability to simply load that on a truck with a forklift eases their fulfillment process.


    Pallet Shipments are Environmentally Friendly

    Furthermore, shipping an entire pallet is environmentally-friendly. Many products require additional packaging when a manufacturer ships them individually. Shipping on a pallet can reduce packaging demand for each unit that is on that pallet. 


    Returning the costs savings to the customer in the form of Bulk Pricing

    At ShineRetrofits.com, the goal is to provide the best pricing, all the time. Customers should not have to barter with their distributor in order to get the best price possible. The prices listed on ShineRetrofits.com are the lowest available for their MOQ, and in many cases the sales reps are able to secure better pricing from manufacturers when large quantities of the same products are ordered. When that quantity falls directly in line with what fits on a pallet, that is where the most cost savings are available to the customer.


    Need a large quantity of the same light fixture? Shop the pallet shipment section now

  • Jeremy Dodge
    February 17, 2017
    LG Lighting Products Now Available On ShineRetrofits.com

    In February 2017, ShineRetrofits.com welcomes LG Lighting to their portfolio of brands. You can now shop a full selection of LG products on the website. Shine Retrofits offers lighting products from more than 43 manufacturers, all available on one convenient e-commerce shopping website. 

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  • Jeremy Dodge
    February 7, 2017
    The Best 4 LED Flat Panel Light Fixtures

    With light emitting diodes being so small compared to their incandescent and fluorescent predecessors, LED technology is giving us the ability to use new shapes for LED light fixtures. One of those new products that is changing the way we think about lighting is the LED Flat Panel category. They are designed to be used in applications where you would typically use a fluorescent troffer, along with some new applications. The big difference between a flat panel and a troffer would be the depth of the product. While a typical fluorescent troffer will be around 3-4" deep, new edge lit flat panels are around a half inch.

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  • Jeremy Dodge
    February 1, 2017
    The Top 6 Best In-Ceiling LED Lighting Troffers

    At ShineRetrofits.com, we love having a huge selection of different products for our customers to choose from. If you navigate over to the Troffer/Recessed Lighting section of our website, there are over 900 products and over 600 of them are new troffer fixtures. While more options is a great thing, we decided to poll our lighting-certified sales reps for the top products that they recommend. They narrowed down this list to pick the following products base on value, efficiency, and reliability.
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