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Extra Long Life T8

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Extra Long Life T8 linear fluorescent tubes are a great fit for general purpose lighting in just about every commercial, warehouse, or industrial application and retrofit job. With many models offering a rated lamp life of more than 75,000 hours, these efficient T8 tubes are especially well suited to fluorescent lighting applications where the light source is difficult to reach or costly to maintain. In addition to their exceptional longevity, these lamps deliver superior energy savings, excellent color rendering, and a low total cost of ownership. Extra long life linear fluorescent T8 lamps are the low-cost, can't-miss choice for hard-to-reach ceiling fixtures and applications requiring plenty of comfortable, efficient illumination across a large area.

Most T8 linear fluorescent bulbs arrive in packs of 25 or 50, and offer an easy pop-out/pop-in solution for commercial projects and retrofits where low-cost lamps and excellent energy savings are required.

Our linear fluorescent T8 lamps come in a range of lengths to suit any install, from two-foot T8 linear fluorescent bulbs to four-foot T8 tubes. Each length of T8 lamp offers a variety of power options, ranging from 17W to 32W of light output, along with color temperature choices from 3000K to 6500K. The lamps are one inch in diameter (T8 means tubular shape, eight eighths of an inch).

The commercial electrical contractor's source for four-foot extra-long-life fluorescent lamps and tubes. Compare and buy energy-efficient extra-long-life fluorescent lamps in at the wattage and color temperature you need for your commercial lighting project or retrofit.
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