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100W 100 Watt Maxlite Highmax CFL Lamp Light Bulb

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One of many available wattage options, the 100-Watt Maxlite Highmax compact fluorescent bulbs are a great option for new building or retrofit high-wattage applications that require highly efficient, high-output light sources. With great lumen maintenance over time and cool, crisp color rendering over the life of the lamp, the 100w MaxLite HighMax CFL light is the quality choice for commercial CFL installs. The lamps are self-ballasted, and feature an internal cooling fan that allows them to maintain both consistent lumen color and stated wattage during operation without additional energy usage. Manufactured with high-heat, U-bend CFL tubes, 100-watt HighMax bulbs are built for reliability and extra-long life. When energy efficient and high-quality illumination are required, 100W Maxlite HighMax lamps are an ideal fit for hi-bay and low bay, office, industrial, education and retail applications.

Featuring 10,000 hours of rated lamp life 2700K and 5000K-color temperatures, one hundred Watt Maxlite HighMax lamps are designed with a shortened MOL to match a wide variety of fixture types. The lamps come in 120-, 277-, and 347-volt models, with screw-in (Edison or mogul) bases.

The HighMax is a high wattage, self ballasted, instant on, compact fluorescent lamp. The lamps comprise both 5U and 8U models and the wattages run from 40 Watts through 200 Watts. The HighMax is available for both 120 Volts and 277 Volts, with some models also available in 347 Volts (Canada).

All HighMax Models are designed to manage heat so that the lumen maintenance is maximized. Critical components (susceptible to heat failure) are chosen for their high heat tolerance. The body of the lamp is vented with patented air gaps to increase cooling air flow. And, placed between the heat producing components and the heat-sensitive ones is a thick aluminum wafer. This barrier is a heat sink, removing even more heat from the lamp. Great for For high and low bays, gymnasiums, warehouses, churches, wall packs, shop floors and parking garages.

The commercial electrical contractor's source for Maxlite HighMax lamps, including 100W Maxlite HighMax CFLs. Compare and buy energy-efficient, high-power 100 Watt Maxlite HighMax compact fluorescent bulbs for your commercial lighting project or retrofit.

Part Numbers include the 100W 100 Watt Maxlite Highmax SKQ100EAWW, SKQ100EA50, SKQ100EA350, SKQ100EA250, 35844, 35840, 11294, 35839, in either 2700K, 5000K Kelvin color temperatures with voltages 120V, 277V, or 347V.  Specs and benefits include electronic instant start ballasts, 50/60HZ Frequency, 0 - 100 degrees F operating temperature, mogul E39/E40 base, 84 CRI color rendering index, 10,000 hour life, high lumen output, fast shipping, compact design.

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