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LED Products Retrofit Guide

 ShineRetrofits.com is your complete resource and authorized products distributor for energy efficient LED retrofit kits for all types of lighting.  Click below for each LED section and scroll down for more information: 

     Click below to find LED retrofit kits for your existing HID metal halide, high pressure sodium, or mercury vapor light fixtures:

Your existing light fixture wattage: 50 Watt | 70 Watt | 100 Watt | 150 Watt | 175 Watt | 250 Watt | 320 Watt | 400 Watt | 750 Watt | 1000 Watt


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Street / Parking Lot / Pole Light LED Retrofits

ledretrofitbulblampcourtyardstreetpoleshoeboxStreet pole and parking lot fixtures traditionally use very high wattage and old technology that requires constant maintenance.  Metal halide HID, high pressure sodium HPS, or low pressure sodium LPS are among some of the most common older technologies that can benefit from an LED retrofit.  Wattages can range anywhere from 175-1000W watt fixtures, and there are many LED retrofit options you can install that will reuse the existing fixture.  Many popular fixtures types include cobra heads, shoebox fixtures, Typical pole light LED retrofit kit installation benefits include drastically less energy usage (over 55% typically), very long life, clean and bright light output, and long lamp life (50,000+ hour rated).

CLICK HERE for a few of our large LED lamp and bulb retrofit kits.
CLICK HERE for some of our new complete LED pole light fixtures.


Gas Station / Canopy / Garage Fixture LED Retrofits

garagegasstationcanoyledretrofitkitlightbulbfixtureenergyefficientWe have many options that can work for any ceiling mounted outdoor rated lighting fixture.  The cost-effective LED retrofit option depends largely on the wattage and size of the existing fixture.  We have complete new fixtures along with bulb, lamp, and plate type LED retrofit kits to install.  For gas stations we have both the bulb type and also brand new LED superkit fixtures that retrofit directly into your existing box type fixture or they can mounted right to the canopy itself for a flush look.  The LED retrofit bulbs and lamps in the link above can also work in existing wallpacks, garage fixtures, and canopy lights.

CLICK HERE for our new LED canopy and ceiling mount light fixtures.

Wall Pack LED Retrofit

maxliteneptunlightledwallpackretrofitWall packs are very popular in  most commercial building applications for outdoor lighting mounted to the building.  Traditional metal halide or high pressure sodium wallpacks range from 100-400 watts of power and you have to change the lamp/bulb out about every two years and also the ballast sometimes when it fails.  For lower light fixture heights you can typically go with a much lower wattage through new LED retrofit bulbs or kits and there are also new wall packs that range from 20W-100W depending on the mounting height.  In many cases with wall packs however, the correctly matched new LED solution may not fit in the old fixture, and you will have to go with a complete new one.

CLICK HERE for new LED wallpack fixtures. 

Courtyard / Post Top / Acorn LED Retrofits

posttopcourtyardacornledretrofitledlampbulbMany architectual courtyard or postop fixtures currently exist with the old technology, currently using up a lot of energy and creating high maintenance costs.  The additional downside to old metal halide or high pressure sodium lamps is that the CRI (Color Rendering Index) is very low.  That means that all the bulbs actually emit a different part of the light spectrum, with different bulbs looking white, orange, yellow, and even pink in color.  LED retrofit bulbs and new fixtures eliminate that problem while saving 50-60% energy and drastically reducing maintenance costs as well.  We have kits that include E26 medium or E39/E40 mogul base stems for a direct and easy retrofit.  Installation include just rewiring the circuit/power directly to the socket and screwing in the new LED lamp.

CLICK HERE for our post top and courtyard LED retrofit bulbs.

High Bay / Low Bay LED Retrofits

High bay light fixtures are common in warehouses, large retail areas, sports facilities, manufacturing facilities, and anywhere else that might require fixtures to be mounted very high indoors.  Typically mounting heights range from 15 ft to 40+ ft and thus needing very high powered light fixtures to light up the areas correctly.  Current old metal halide / HID high bay fixtures range in wattage from 250W up to 1000W.  They not only use a lot of energy but it costs a lot to have a lift and personnel replace the bulbs every 1.5 - 2 years.  We have both very high powered LED retrofit kit plates and also new high bay LED fixtures that save 50-60% energy and are rated to last 10+ years are typical operating hours.

CLICK HERE for our LED high bay fixtures.

Linear T8 / T12 LED Tube Retrofits


LED tube light bulbs can directly replace your existing fluorescent T8 or T12 lamps in your existing fixtures.  They use the same bi-pin configuration and all you have to do is bypass or remove the old flourescent ballast and bring the power directly to the LED tube (internal driver) or to the LED driver (externally powered), which then powers the LED lamps.  Common applications include office and interior lighting, outdoor sign back lighting, and coolers and freezers.  The benefits of LED tubes compared with fluorescent includes up to 50,000 hour lamp life, no flickering, naturally being fully dimmable, saving 30%+ energy, vastly superior operation in cold temperatures, and have no hazardous materials and are recyclable.  

CLICK HERE for our LED T8 / T12 linear fluorescent tube replacement lamps.


We do more than just offer product.  We offer general consultation, design, full energy analysis, payback and financial calculations, rebate analysis, and project financing if requested. Our promise is to help you find the solution to saving energy and providing the most sensible solution for your application.  Please call us for high quantity contractor pricing discounts or any other questions.

Please give us a call  at 1-800-983-1315 or use our contact form for inquiries and project consultation!

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