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Energy Efficient LED Lighting Supply for Facility Managers

Lighting Supply for Builders

As a facility manager, you are used to managing projects on a larger scale. Facility projects typically demand a great amount of material and have more moving parts than residential renovations. It’s vital to choose the correct vendors to work with for these projects to ensure that they align with your goals and stay on-time and on-budget.

For your next commercial or industrial lighting project, we invite you to check out Shine Retrofits' vast selection of lighting options. Shine Retrofits will surpass all of your expectations for a lighting distributor with our large selection of LED light fixtures accessible for your project.

Lighting Upgrades for Facility Managers

Lighting Supply for Builders

We have all of your industrial lighting needs covered at Shine Retrofits, along with one of the most helpful and reliable customer service teams in the industry. To assist you in navigating our large catalog and finding the right products for your project needs, our LS-1 certified lighting consultants are accessible full-time. We will take as much time as you like to walk you through our collection of products as you choose items like troffers and high bay lighting, a large variety of , and any other lighting fixtures your project calls for.

In this evolving business, we strive to be your go-to distributor for industrial and commercial lighting. A lighting distributor you can trust to provide the supplies you need on-time and on-budget is something that facility managers need as more buildings migrate to LED technology.

If you are remodeling a sizable industrial facility to make it more energy efficient, Shine Retrofits will assist you in obtaining all the
retrofit kits you require for the job. We offer retrofit kits for many types of heavy-duty lighting, including low bays, vapor tight LEDs, and high bay fixtures.

Shine Retrofits Offers Lighting Supplies for Facilities

Shine Retrofits is ready to serve as your go-to source for all of your energy-efficient lighting needs. Any busy facilities manager who wants quick lead times and a reliable distributor will find all they need in our catalog of the best LED lighting currently on the market. At Shine Retrofits, we are passionate about assisting everyone—from professionals to homeowners—in making the conversion because we have faith in our products. The greatest available alternative for lighting commercial buildings today is LED technology, which lasts a very long time and is by far the most cost-effective lighting choice.

When it comes to buying LED lights, Shine Retrofits also wants to assist you in taking advantage of all the subsidies that are available to you. If the advantages of investing in LED lighting technology weren't already compelling enough, incentives sweeten the offer even further by rewarding you for prioritizing sustainability and energy efficiency. We look forward to guiding you through all of the available rebates and processing them for you when the time comes.

Please get in touch with us right away for additional details on ordering LED lighting, light fixtures, and retrofit kits for your facility project. By switching to LEDs, we look forward to saving you money!

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