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Energy Efficient and LED Lighting Supplies for Commercial Building Owners

Commercial Building Owners

As a commercial building owner, you have invested a great deal of time and effort into each and every one of your buildings, which require a great deal of maintenance and attention to detail. Everything is taken into consideration; from the direction the sun will enter your building to the size of each room. That also implies that you've taken a lot of time to carefully plan out the lighting for each area of the room, ensuring that every aspect of the structure is lit adequately.

More and more owners of commercial buildings are now placing a high priority on using energy-efficient lighting in their buildings. More new projects and structures than ever before are supplied with LED lighting, and even older properties are renovating their interiors to take advantage of the cost-saving advantages of adopting LEDs. This frequently entails spending more time and money investigating, evaluating, and ultimately selecting several lighting wholesalers to supply lighting components for your project.

Shine Retrofits can support you in this endeavor. For commercial building owner swishing to acquire large quantities of energy-efficient lighting components for new or retrofit lighting projects, we provide a complete solution. The account managers at Shine Retrofits can assist you in choosing the appropriate lighting components that will benefit your project the most because they are experts in all areas of energy-efficient lights.

Our LS-1 certified customer care staff would be delighted to assist you in determining your precise lighting needs. Shine Retrofits is the commercial building owner’s choice for modern light fixtures including troffers, LED bulbs, wiring solutions, and retrofit kits. Shine Retrofits is proud to offer high-quality lighting brands including Lithonia Lighting, Sylvania Lighting, CREE Lighting, GE, and many more.

If you are a commercial building owner planning or actively working on a renovation project, we can offer all-things-lighting you need to remodel the structure. We can aid you in making your building a modern, energy-efficient facility that will see a significant decrease in lighting expenditures. The Shine Retrofits team will help you scope out all the light fixtures, light bulbs, and other accessories required for your project. By collaborating with Shine Retrofits, be ready to turn dated designs into stunning illustrations of contemporary effectiveness.

Shine Retrofits Is Your Commercial Building Lighting Provider

Commercial Building Owners

We would be honored to serve as your go-to source for all of your energy-efficient lighting needs. Any busy commercial building owner who wants quick lead times and a reliable distributor will find all they need in our catalog of the best LED lighting currently on the market. At Shine Retrofits, we are passionate about assisting everyone—from professionals to homeowners—in making the conversion because we have faith in our products. The greatest available alternative for lighting commercial buildings today is LED technology, which pays for itself quickly, lasts a very long time, and is by far the most cost-effective lighting choice.

Even better, our retrofit kits let company owners simply install LEDs in older fixtures they want to maintain as part of their restoration project, saving them time and money in the process of buying and installing new fixtures. Our customer support team is available to help you so that you can adapt any fixture you need to in your project, and our selection of retrofit kits is unrivaled.

The numerous incentives you'll be eligible for are yet another benefit of installing LEDs. These rebates give you money back for purchasing energy-efficient lighting products, which includes many of the LED lights and LED fixtures that Shine Retrofits sells. Our customer support staff can assist you every step of the way, helping you process your rebates and begin saving money.

Please get in touch with us right away for additional details on ordering LED lights, light fixtures, and retrofit kits for your commercial building project. By switching to LEDs, we look forward to saving you money!

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