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Free Shipping For Orders Over $95
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Gas Station Lighting Guide

ShineRetrofits.com is your complete resource for energy efficient gas station lighting products.


Cost-effective energy efficient gas station products have recently become available to a market where for the last 30 years there has been none. Lightingis not only the biggest electricity user but the quality of light is paramount in attracting more customers to your gas station or convenience store.  We offer complete retrofit solutions including induction and LED lighting retrofit kits and fixtures for canopy lighting, LED cooler light bars to replace old fluorescent cooler and freezer lights, area pole lighting, and all types of interior ceiling/grid mount lighting.  

ShineRetrofits.com does more than just offer product.  We offer general consultation, design, full energy analysis, payback and financial calculations, rebate analysis, and project financing if requested. Our promise is to help you find the solution to saving energy and providing the most sensible solution for your application. Please call us for high quantity, multiple store, and contractor pricing discounts.


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  • - Install induction retrofit kits to replace the lamp and ballast in your existing fixture for half the cost of a new fixture
  • - Install new induction light canopy fixtures and eliminate maintenance costs with 100,000 hour rated lamps
  • - 60% Average savings over traditional metal halide HID canopy lights
  • - Extremely high light quality means your area will look more bright with natural light and increase customers. 
  • - 10 year warranty on most fixtures and 5 year warranty on all induction retrofit kits

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gas station canopy light fixture

  • - Eliminate maintenance with 50,000+ hours of rated lamp life
  • - 60% energy savings over traditional metal halide HID canopy light fixtures
  • - Extremely high light quality means your area will look more bright with natural light which will attract more customers
  • - LSI Industries LED Canopy Fixtures and LED retrofit kits which are the standard for gas station lighting 
  • - 5 Year Warranty on Most LED's

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LSI Canopy Light
  • - Save an average 70% on electricity when replacing fluorescent freezer T8 or T12 cooler case lighting with LED light bars or Linear T8 LED's
  • - Save an additional 20% on refrigeration costs due to less heat put out from the LED lighting system
  • - Increase the brightness and bring out the appeal and quality of the products in the cooler
  • - Many utility companies offer energy efficient light rebates LED freezer systems
  • - 5 year warranty on LED refrigeration light bar

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