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If you've just undergone a lighting retrofit project -- or are beginning one now -- chances are good you will have a number of lamps that need to be recycled. And many of these conventional light bulbs, such as neon, HID, and fluorescent, are not able to be disposed of easily as they contain hazardous materials that can be bad for both you and the environment. To help make recycling these types of lamps easier, Veolia Environmental Services offers the RecyclePak® lamp recycling program where you are given a postage-paid box to put your lamps in, and they are shipped directly to Veolia to handle disposal.

Through the RecyclePak process, Veolia will recycle straight, compact, u-shape and circular fluorescent lamps, neon lamps, high intensity discharge (HID) lamps, as well as specialty lamps and lamps that have been crushed or broken. The recycling is done in an environmentally compliant way in Veolia's four recycling centers located around the country, which are able to process up to 250,000 lamps each day.

When you purchase your RecyclePak kit, you will receive a container that fits your needs -- such as a box or pail -- that has been tested and approved for safe storage and transport of hazardous materials. You will also receive a prepaid shipping label to send the container from your facility to Veolia, as well as instructions, terms and conditions, and a certificate of recycling. Shipping is handled by FedEx Ground, so once your container ships you can track it through FedEx Ground, and you can view your certificate or recycling online at www.myrecyclepak.com.

We are your authorized distributor for Veolia Environmental Services' RecyclePak® lamp prepaid shipping recycling kits. Easily recycle hazardous lamps, including fluorescent, neon and HID. Select the sub-category below for the type you need or search above for the specific part number.

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