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Why Buy From Shine Retrofits

Why Buy From Shine Retrofits

Shine Retrofits is the premier online lighting product provider for electrical contractors, business owners, and homeowners alike. We have a long history of providing quality lighting products and exceptional service to companies around the country, and would love to help you with your next lighting project.

Our History

Our Denver, Colorado-based company was started in 2010 by Erin Shine after he was laid off from a lighting retrofit company. He had a vision of a company that filled in the gaps he saw in the industry. Most of the lighting product distributors at the time constantly changed their prices, never provided significant information on their products, and were generally not helpful to their customers. Shine Retrofits aimed to change that.


Our Mission

Shine Retrofits’ mission is to be the top resource for high-quality, energy efficient lighting. As part of this mission, we’ve worked hard to craft a website that allows you to easily sort through and identify the lighting that you need for your project. Once you’ve found the lighting that you need, we will provide lightning-fast customer service and quick price quotes. We never play pricing games, and can easily provide affordable quotes on small or large orders.

Part of what makes that possible is our incredible customer service team. Our team is comprised of lighting experts that put service first. Buying from Shine Retrofits is more than just a transaction. The employees at Shine pride themselves on knowing all the ins and outs of the lighting industry, and can help guide you through the various products that will work perfectly for your project.

Our company is guided by three principles that inform everything we do:



We will never obscure our prices or provide you dishonest information about our products. Shine Retrofits believes in being transparent about product information and prices, and are here to help you get your project done quickly and efficiently, just like we would want if we were on the other end.



Shine Retrofits is a company that prides itself on integrity. This means that we don’t play games with our customers, and will back up any products we sell. We offer returns up to 30 days after delivery, and will help you with any problems you have with your order.


Great Service

The Shine Retrofits customer service team is truly the best in the business. What makes us so great? It’s our combination of lighting expertise and helpful manner that makes us stand apart from the crowd. We’re not only here to sell you a product—we’re here to help make your next lighting project a success. 

In fact, it was this commitment to service excellence that motivated the current owner of Shine Retrofits, Jared Blackney, to buy the company in the first place. Jared started as a Shine Retrofits customer, but was so impressed by the company that he decided to buy it. 

But before buying Shine Retrofits, Jared, a 3rd generation electrical contractor, often had to purchase all types of lighting products for his projects. In the past, he had always bought lighting products from his local distributor, mostly out of habit. Jared started to realize that his distributor often didn’t carry the products he needed for his lighting projects, which is why he started to look online for a better option.

What Jared needed was a lighting seller that provided a diverse array of products, excellent customer service, and a simple and effective ordering process. He found that in Shine Retrofits, who made a big impact on him with their attention to detail and extensive knowledge of lighting products. He was able to get the exact lights he needed from Shine Retrofits at a competitive price. Plus, the quick delivery enabled him to finish his projects faster and more efficiently than ever before.

That’s exactly what separates Shine Retrofits from other companies, then and now. Our team of lighting experts pay attention to details that other companies don’t. As a working contractor, Jared knows how hard it is to find a lighting company that provides honest service, an extensive catalog of products, and an easy and fluid purchasing process that will get you the products you need fast.


The Exceptional Factors for Why to Buy from Shine Retrofits

So, why should you buy from us? It comes down to essential factors that make us exceptional.



We hire the most exceptional service members to work for Shine Retrofits. Whenever you work with our company, you’ll always have a lighting expert at the ready to help guide you. We can provide detailed information on all our lighting products, and can guide you through the buying process to ensure you get the products you need.

Need a spec sheet on a lighting product? We got it. How about a quick quote on a large order? We’ll have that to you within the day. What about some advice about what lighting products would be best for your project? Our team of lighting experts would be more than happy to help you out with whatever questions you might have. 

Part of our commitment to customer service means that we assign you a dedicated account rep for your lighting orders who will help pinpoint exactly what you need.



Our extensive catalog of lighting products includes over 10,000 different types of bulbs/lamps, lighting fixtures, and lighting accessories that you can choose from. These lighting products come from over 50 of the best lighting manufacturers around the world, including GE Lighting, CREE Lighting, and Sylvania. Most of these can ship out the same day, and we can provide all the information you need, including spec sheets, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

What We Offer

We offer all kinds of different products that you can choose from, including LED light fixtures, fluorescent lamps, and LED retrofits. The amount and variety of lighting products that Shine Retrofits offers is truly astounding. This selection is something you can usually only find online, making Shine Retrofits a haven for electrical contractors or anyone that needs lighting products. Here are just a few of the highlights of what we offer on our website:

LED Technology

LED lighting has become the premier energy efficient lighting technology, and Shine Retrofits carries the best LED products available today. Over the last decade, LED technology has gotten better and better, as well as more affordable. This has opened up the market to a lot of buyers that would have been priced out in the past. 

If you’re thinking about making the switch to LED lighting, Shine Retrofits can help. We are experts in helping electrical contractors, business owners, and homeowners transform their lighting system with LED technology. You can switch over to LED by investing in new LED fixtures, or upgrade your existing fixtures with an affordable LED retrofit

If you’re not sure how much money you can save by switching to LED technology, our lighting experts can give you a breakdown of what kind of energy savings you can expect. LEDs often use 75% less energy than traditional bulbs such as incandescents, and are even more energy efficient than fluorescent lamps.

Plus, LEDs often last up to 100,000 hours, depending on the product. That means you won’t have to spend time and money on maintenance and replacement, freeing up your schedule for other activities in the process.



For some applications, fluorescent lamps are still the best option. Shine Retrofits offers a wide selection of fluorescent lighting from a variety of manufacturers. We only carry the highest quality fluorescent lighting products, and have years of experience buying, selling, and using the technology.

Fluorescent technology is one of the best options available for high-quality, energy-efficient illumination. The upfront cost of fluorescents is lower than a lot of other lighting products, allowing you to buy all the lighting you need for your project in bulk. Fluorescents are also highly energy efficient, which make them a great option for commercial buildings such as office and retail spaces, as well as for schools, government buildings, and large studios.

Fluorescents have been around a long time, which means that fluorescent lighting is available for just about any application you can think of. Through Shine Retrofits, you can buy fluorescent tubes perfect for office applications, or compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), that work well for any number of applications, including overhead lights and other types of indoor lighting.


Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

Shine Retrofits offers a broad range of lighting options for commercial contractors, business owners, and homeowners alike. We offer many different types of lighting for indoor and outdoor applications, including products for roadway lighting, sign and billboard lighting, office campus lighting, and much more.

Shine Retrofits has an extensive catalog of LED, fluorescent, and retrofits available for indoor and outdoor applications. If you own a warehouse or industrial building that needs high bay lighting, we offer a number of products that will work well for you. For retail and restaurant businesses, we offer LED cooler lighting, LED exit signs, and stairwell lighting.


Our Process

You should buy from Shine Retrofits because we make lighting easy. What was once a complicated, frustrating process for electrical contractors and other lighting buyers has been simplified. 

Shine Retrofits understands that if someone is buying lighting online, the website must be easy to navigate to allowing customers to quickly look through the extensive product lists and find what you need. We happily offer a clean website as an extension of our customer service, alongside same-day quotes, transparent pricing, and free shipping on domestic orders over $500.

Our website allows you to browse products by specific applications such as indoor and outdoor lighting, gas station lighting, and roadway lighting. You can also search by a specific brand or product that you need. While you’re pinpointing the exact product you need, our lighting experts are standing by and can provide you with a same-day quote for the products you want to buy.

If you have any questions about how we can solve your lighting problems and provide you with the type of product support your project needs, our team of lighting experts at Shine Retrofits can help you pick out the right product for you. Please call our customer service team at 1-877-914-2218 anytime Monday through Friday, 6 am to 5:30 pm, Mountain Standard Time. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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