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As you know, properly disposing and recycling certain lamps -- such as fluorescent, neon and HID -- can be tricky. Because these lamps normally contain some hazardous materials, such as mercury, there are specific guidelines that need to be followed when throwing them away -- they cannot just be disposed of like regular garbage. In fact, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a full set of guidelines for accurately eliminating these particular types of lamps.

Being as all of this can be quite confusing and time consuming, and nobody wants to incorrectly discard these lamps, Veolia Environmental Services has a product that can help make these entire process easy and take away any potential disorientation. Through the company's award-winning RecyclePak® recycling program, you can send your old lamps and ballasts to them, and they will take care of all the recycling for you. And you can feel confident knowing these potentially harmful items are being handled in an environmentally responsible way.

So how does the RecyclePak program work? Once your order your recycling kit, you will receive a box or pail with a protective liner to collect and ship your fluorescent, HID and neon lamps and ballasts in, as well as a pre-paid FedEx Ground shipping label. Once your box is sealed and ready to go, FedEx Ground will pick up the container and ship it to one of Veolia's four recycling plants. And to show customers your commitment to the environment, Veolia will also furnish you with a certificate of recycling, which can be accessed online 24/7 at www.myrecyclepak.com

We are your authorized distributor for Veolia Environmental Services' RecyclePak® lamp and ballast prepaid shipping recycling kits. Easily properly dispose of fluorescent, neon and HID lamps and ballasts. Select the sub-category below for the type you need or search above for the specific part number.

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