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Free Shipping For Orders Over $95
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Induction Acorn Style Fixtures

The commercial electrical contractor’s source for acorn-style induction street lights and induction pole light fixtures. Compare and buy energy efficient and decorative fixtures for your outdoor, parking lot, street, or landscape lighting project.

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Induction acorn style top post fixtures save over 50% energy compared to traditional metal halide HID or high pressure sodium HPS lighting technologies. Cut your maintenance costs completely with 100,000 hour lamps and a 10 year warranty on most of our fixtures. Induction lighting puts out very high light quality and appears much brighter than the traditional HID or HPS fixtures even when saving over half on your electric bill. Enjoy instant start / restrike of the lamps with no warm-up time, wide operating temperatures, very high CRI and lumens per watt, and high lumen maintenance. Not only do we have new fixtures, but also specific acorn fixture induction retrofit kits.

Pole light fixtures with induction lamps in an acorn-style housing and acorn top induction street light fixtures cast lots of light across a wide surface area from a single source. Acorn-style induction pole light and acorn top street light fixtures are ideal for a broad range of outdoor and exterior lighting applications, including parking lots, storage lots, walkways, driveways, and perimeter lighting. The unmatched energy efficiency and unbeatable lamp life of induction pole lighting fixtures means they provide the right quality and color rendering at a low total cost of ownership. Depending on the application, a new installation or retrofit job will emphasize low-cost installation, high lumens per watt, a specific color temperature, or all three.

Our selection of acorn-style induction pole lighting and street lamp fixtures adds the right decorative element to your commercial outdoor, landscape, courtyard, or street lighting application.

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